Zoey Launches New Security Enhancements for Admin Logins

password security changes for Zoey Admin

Zoey is constantly evaluating and enhancing security throughout its solution. As part of these reviews and updates, we have recently launched new password requirements and password expiration options for the Zoey Admin. We have also introduced two-factor authentication (2FA) options as part of the Zoey Admin.

New Password Complexity Requirements; Expiration Options Available

Another part of our recent updates incorporates new, more complex password requirements. Going forward, a Zoey Admin password must meet the following rules:

  • 8 characters minimum length
  • must contain at least 1 capital letter
  • must contain at least 1 digit/numeric character
  • must contain at laest 1 special character

To ensure all existing passwords meet these requirements, all existing Zoey Admin passwords have been expired. The first time you log in, you’ll be requested to enter a new password that meets those requirements.

In addition, there is a new option in the Zoey Admin to set how often passwords must be reset. You can choose to not have passwords reset, or set a time increment for how often you wish this to take place (which can range from 30 to 180 days, depending on the option selected).

To learn more about our enhanced password requirements, and the new reset options, visit this support document.

About Two-Factor Authentication for the Zoey Admin

With 2FA, you can require a secondary verification on top of a password, linked to a device the individual should have in their possession. This combines something you know (a password) with something you have (a mobile device).

While 2FA is not required, it is highly encouraged as a way to better secure your Zoey Admin accounts. If you have a Zoey Admin account, you can enable it for your specific account. Store Owners can also require it for all Staff Accounts linked to their Zoey Admin.

For our initial launch of two-factor authentication, we support two methods: an SMS text or the Authy authentication app.

SMS Text Option

Zoey Admin SMS message sent

With the SMS text option, you can be sent a text to a mobile device. Standard text messaging rules and rates apply. Once you enter a number, it will send a verification code to confirm all is working as expected, before fully being enabled and confirmed.

You can check “Remember This Device,” and it will not require an SMS text for 30 days on that particular device you’re logging in from at that time.

Authy Option

Zoey Admin authy message sent

If you prefer, you can use the free Authy app as a way of verifying yourself. With Authy, you’ll enter your cell phone number, it will be sent a link with directions on setting up Authy on your device, and then will provide you a verification code to enter into Zoey to complete the process.

If you’re using Authy for other solutions, that’s fine! You’ll see a separate Zoey option on your screen to generate the tokens needed to log into Zoey.

To learn more about the 2FA solution and how to set it up, visit our support documentation.

If you have any questions or issues around any of the new capabilities added as part of these security enhancements, open a ticket with the Zoey Support team and they’ll be able to assist.

Constantly Evolving

Zoey releases new updates over 150 times per year, with additions, enhancements and bug fixes for features large and small. Continuous improvement is a critical part of what makes Zoey special, along with our award-winning customer support.

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