Commonwealth Packaging Co. Leverages Zoey to More Easily Manage Client Orders

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Sometimes order taking is your primary form of business operations. Other times, order taking is a critical supporting role, albeit not the main part of the business. It’s the latter use case that Zoey serves for Commonwealth Packaging Company, which uses Zoey with select clients to more easily capture demand for the packaging of their clients by their physical stores.

What is Commonwealth Packaging Co.?

The company produces packaging for its customers for a variety of purposes. They help design, develop, and produce packaging that businesses needs, whether shipping items out or packing up purchased items in a retail store.

For example, if you think of things like the boxes that your store purchase may be packaged in, Commonwealth Packaging products that packaging for businesses and ships them out to their various retail locations for their use.

One of their customers follows that model, where they buy packaging that is used in retail stores. Zoey is their order capturing process for stores to place orders when they’re running out of the packages.

Improvements from Working With Zoey 

The home office of their client is able to review and confirm the orders, and it helps both them and Commonwealth Packaging know how much needs to be produced and shipped out at a time. They had previously used a different solution for taking orders, but Zoey has proved to be much more efficient and functional.

For Commonwealth Packaging Co., the shift to using Zoey as their order portal has led to a number of improvements for the business with their customer:

  • 20% more order volume than before adopting Zoey
  • 50% less time collecting and managing orders than through their previous process
  • 80% less time managing Zoey vs. the previous order portal solution

Kris Cardene, who is the Commonwealth Packaging team member who oversees the use of Zoey, has noted a number of benefits since switching over.

“The customer we use it for, they didn’t like the old system we had,” she said. “When we walked them through Zoey, they loved it. They actually just placed a much larger order than they have in the past. More of their products are coming through us than in the past because we have this. Zoey played heavily in our favor when deciding who they would give the new order.”

Zoey Support: A Key Factor to Success

Cardene has also noted Zoey’s support as a key part of what has made the transition successful.

“I cannot stress enough, at least for me personally, the customer service,” she said. “It is what sealed the deal. When I set up my day, I decide on what I’m going to do. This includes setting aside time to work on my Zoey stuff. If I hit something that I couldn’t do, I would normally worry I’d have to rearrange my day. But because I get responses so quickly, it’s not a problem.”

Commonwealth Packaging Company is one of many businesses who have found Zoey to be a strong addition to their toolkit, and Zoey’s customers have been quite vocal about the quality of Zoey’s solution and support. That’s why we’ve won awards in recent months from Featured Customers and SoftwareReviews, along with strong ratings on sites such as Trustpilot.

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