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When selling online, generally an eCommerce store itself is just one piece of the puzzle. Managing an online business means dealing with a lot of complex moving parts, but fortunately Zoey’s app ecosystem can help with a number of them.

Today, we take a look at some of the apps that can help take some of the pressure off, while handling aspects of the business that would otherwise require your time and attention. All of the tools here are heavily adopted by the eCommerce community, and work with many key eCommerce platforms, like Zoey.

Link to QuickBooks – Cloud Cart Connector and Connex for QuickBooks

Most B2B businesses leverage accounting software like QuickBooks to be able to manage their books, but it’s a lot of work to bring orders in from an eCommerce platform, unless they’re properly integrated together. Thankfully, JMA Web Technologies maintains two such integrations, one for QuickBooks Desktop and another for QuickBooks Online.

Both can send orders to QuickBooks, and create invoices for ones that are buy now and pay later. Products can be managed from QuickBooks and sent to Zoey, or created in Zoey and set up in QuickBooks to properly align both systems. Customer matching capabilities will take orders placed and match them with customers in QuickBooks for faster linking now and researching later.

You also have the ability to push products from Quickbooks into Zoey or vice versa, for more intelligent data about the orders being pulled in from Zoey.

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Sales Tax Calculation – TaxJar


Sales tax calculations are increasingly complicated, particularly in the U.S. where each state can have their own rules and requirements. This has been further complicated by the recent Wayfair vs. South Dakota Supreme Court ruling, which now allows for economic nexus.

Knowing where and how much to collect is a moving target, which is why TaxJar is a helpful tool in your arsenal. Along with knowing what to collect, they help build reports to simplify filing, or can even AutoFile for you in every state that requires at your discretion.

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Bulk Shipments – ShipStation

When your fulfillment team or warehouse is dealing with an influx of orders, having a tool that facilitates the management of order fulfillment on your side helps greatly. With ShipStation, you can print labels in bulk, get a pick list that lets you assemble the orders more easily, and attach shipping information that’s fed back into Zoey.

As an added bonus, they can help reduce shipping rates via USPS, which can many times more than offset the cost of their services!

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Complex Shipping Scenarios – ShipperHQ


There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to order fulfillment. Is it being shipped to a customer via FedEx or UPS, or is there a local delivery or order pick-up scenario? Is it being shipped through a standard carrier or through LTL or Freight? Is dimensional shipping critical to controlling shipping costs? Do you need to waive shipping costs on some items while having a surcharge on others?

ShipperHQ’s deep integration into Zoey allows us to support the most comprehensive feature set of any SaaS platform, and that means more flexibility for you as a merchant to configure things exactly as you need them. Having shipping configured properly means avoiding accidental expenses that can erode your profitability, and ensuring you don’t have to overcharge your customers due to inefficiencies in your shipping pricing model.

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There Are Plenty More Where That Came From

Zoey has a full app library of certified apps available for review and use with Zoey. You can visit our app store to see all the different ways other tools can interact with Zoey.

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