Bulk Selling Online: Helpful Features for Success

bulk selling online

If you’re a brand, wholesaler or distributor bulk selling online, you should be leveraging an Ecommerce solution built for managing larger orders. That can mean selling in larger quantity increments, adding multiple SKUs at once, or making reordering easy.

Some B2C Ecommerce solutions will claim they’re fine for B2B use. Some non-Ecommerce solutions will offer Ecommerce as a value-added feature but it’s not their primary purpose. 

To help you know what to look for when bulk selling online, here’s six features you should ensure exist for making your buyers’ lives easier:

  • Quick Order
  • Table Catalog View
  • Quantity Increment Controls
  • Simple Reordering
  • Saved SKU List
  • Recently Ordered Items

Here’s what each can offer your business.

Quick Order

A Quick Order screen can facilitate the entry of multiple known SKUs and quantities by offering a simple form. Some will also provide a CSV pasting option.

The purpose is to simplify building a complex cart with known SKUs. Since some companies maintain that information on a spreadsheet, a CSV paste option makes it easier to transfer that information. Otherwise, a series of field pairings, SKU and quantity, can be quickly typed in and added to the cart in bulk.

Table Catalog View

When SKUs may not necessarily be known, a table catalog view can present the catalog in a list, similar to a print catalog. Quantity boxes are in table rows with other basic information.

Similarly, multiple SKUs can be placed into the cart at once. This can particularly work well with a list of products that may have varying specs, like sizing, color or other types of variations.

Quantity Increment Controls

Many businesses sell wholesale in larger quantities that have mandated increments for simpler shipping or packaging. A solution should respect, or only offer, quantity increments that fit that goal. Minimums and maximums can also be established.

So for instance, if you sell 12 to a case, a customer could put 12 or 24 of an item in a cart, not 10 or 20. Or, you can show a customer that they’re purchasing a case, and under the hood it translates it to that 12 quantity.

Simple Reordering

Shifting gears to using order history as a way of accelerating future purchases, one of the more surefire methods is a reorder button. Such a button can rebuild that order into the cart, allowing for changes before completing the new order.

For customers who regularly buy the same SKUs, this can be a great time saver that gets things organized fast.

Saved SKU List

When each order may prove to be somewhat different, but the same batch of SKUs are referenced for each order, a saved list can make it easier for your buyers. They can reference their short list of saved SKUs and build an order quickly. Think of it as Quick Order but inside the Ecommerce software itself.

Recently Ordered Items

This is a smarter version of the last two, collating all of the recent SKUs purchased on orders and displays them in an easy to browse list. It makes locating what’s been ordered across multiple orders easier. It also makes building an order with that information easy.

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