Zoey’s Customers Favorably Rate Our Vendor Capabilities

There are a variety of aspects to a B2B Ecommerce platform that can be important to a customer. Things like support, the pace of platform improvement, and how much value can be derived from a platform can all be critical aspects.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on an individual vendor’s word alone. Companies like SoftwareReviews survey customers of a variety of platforms and collect data that can be independently compared.

Zoey’s Support Ranked Above Category Average

In the latest data, shared as part of the 2021 B2B Ecommerce Data Quadrant Report, Zoey’s support was ranked above the category average, as was its product strategy and rate of improvement. The business value created was right in line with the average.

Zoey was by far the smallest company in the B2B Ecommerce rankings, and there are distinct advantages to that – the support can be much more individualized in a small team, and the product can generally evolve more quickly.

This can be seen by the more than 150 updates Zoey releases each year, bringing both big feature releases and small incremental updates, along with the expected bug fixes and security improvements.

This is also the first time SoftwareReviews has specifically surveyed the landscape of B2B Ecommerce specifically, so Zoey ranking above average is even more meaningful given that these are more direct competitors in the B2B Ecommerce space.

The key takeaways are quite clear: Zoey evolves quicker, supports its solutions better, and drives value for its customers. What’s not to like about that?

Constantly Evolving

Continuous improvement is a critical part of what makes Zoey special, along with our award-winning customer support – and those awards are many times because of the direct feedback of our customers.

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