Evaluating B2B Commerce Solutions: 8 Buyer-Specific Features To Consider

Zoey B2B Commerce New Solution Checklist

Technology and solutions for B2B and wholesale Ecommerce businesses continue to rapidly evolve. As such, it can be difficult to know what’s available off the shelf to strengthen your business and make it effective for all your stakeholders.

To help merchants as they work through their next store and what they require, Zoey has developed a checklist that can help merchants identify what will be most important, and make it easier to compare solutions. In this post, we examine various aspects of Ecommerce customization that come with supporting groups of customers or buyers that may be given more personalized options such as catalog, pricing or terms.

Top 8 Buyer Features to Consider

If you’re considering your next move, we encourage you to think about which of these features are most important, and make sure you ask a provider if they can satisfy these requirements.

  1. B2C and B2B Sales on the Same Site: Allow B2C customers to have a browsable shopping experience, including the potential for guest checkout, while providing your B2B and wholesale accounts a more streamlined ordering portal when they log in
  2. Pricing by Customer Group: Set pricing structure that differs based on what customer type they are.
  3. Catalog Segmentation: Show certain products to only certain customer types, or even present a completely different catalog or catalog options to different customer groups.
  4. Shipping Options by Customer Group: Offer freight/LTL or other shipping options for larger B2B customers; standard UPS/FedEx for smaller customers; etc.
  5. Payment Options by Customer Group: Allow for choices like credit card, check, net terms, etc. based on customer type and their approved payment types.
  6. Theme Segmentation: Show different themes or marketing information to each customer group, ensuring they see the information and products front and center, as well as the tools that customer group needs to order quickly (such as pre-populated order forms).
  7. Net Terms: Set payment terms, customizable for each customer that allow an account to buy now and pay later. Display for both your buyers and your internal team which orders have been paid, which are still open and which are past due.
  8. Lines of Credit: Set credit limits for each account, allowing them to buy now and pay later up to the amount you’ve approved each buyer to obtain.

Buyer-Specific Ecommerce Features

To see the entire list of features, organized helpfully by category to help you plan for your next site, download our checklist. It can help you get organized around what specific Ecommerce features your business can benefit from, and ensure you ask the right questions when selecting a new solution:

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