Invest in Tracking your Shipping… It’s a Must for Merchants.

Shipping Tracking Helps You Ship Smarter

As the popularity of online retail has grown into the phenomenon it is today, customers have developed a new addiction. It’s not the actual process of shopping, but instead, the part that comes after: tracking packages.

For customers, there is a strange satisfaction in witnessing their deliveries journey from afar, city to city, to finally arrive at their doorstep. This is great for merchants, because a customer that’s provided with a package tracking tool for their order is 50% less likely to leave that same merchant negative feedback in the event of a late delivery. 

While shipment tracking is beneficial to merchants and their customers, the process isn’t as seamless or automated as you might think. It can be very difficult for a merchant to ensure that packages arrive on time, especially when that merchant is a higher volume shipper. With eCommerce businesses spending an average of 10% of every sale on shipping, it’s imperative that they understand the details of their shipping spend. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to operate your business efficiently. 

There are options to enhance and simplify the process of shipping efficiently and cost effectively. By actively monitoring your shipping activity, you can ensure you are paying only for the service promised.

This procedure should be a part of every merchant’s day-to-day operations, with extra attention being paid to late deliveries or lost and damaged shipments. You can ensure that your shipments have arrived by going to your shipping carrier’s site and entering your customer’s tracking number. You will be able to view proof of delivery and the time of delivery.

Many businesses disregard this step, believing late deliveries are expected and not wanting to go through the long process to file claims. This is a mistake. Shipments that arrive late, even by 60 seconds, are entitled to a 100% refund covered by UPS and FedEx’s on-time delivery guarantee. Because many merchants don’t collect their refunds, over $2 billion is unclaimed annually. 

To manually file claims, your company would need to track all shipments on and/or and cross reference deliveries to find areas to dispute. A claim would need to be filed within 15 days of the package’s delivery with all necessary documentation and inspections.

However, manually filing these refunds isn’t always the best solution for all businesses. Many companies do not have the resources available to navigate the intricate claims process. Moreover, customers do not always report when shipments arrive late, meaning there could be many potential refunds that go unreported and unclaimed.

The alternative would be to use third party software that audits shipping information on your behalf. Utilizing this method can save extensive time and resources as opposed to manually filing. This provides businesses like yours with ample reporting to better negotiate and interact with your carrier. Third party software such as 71lbs provides your company with its own dashboard, pulling all your shipping data from your carriers into one convenient location.

It is more important than ever for merchants to stay on top of their parcel deliveries. Whether you use a third party or monitor your shipping activity manually, you can identify exactly where your shipping dollars are invested and optimize your operations for efficiency. 

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The 71lbs and Zoey teams recently discussed important shipping considerations, how to ensure you’re getting credit for package delivery errors when shipping items to customers and how to avoid overpaying for shipping. To watch the recording of this educational video, just click the button below.

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Contributed by 71lbs, a software solution that looks beyond shipping and utilizes industry insights to provide instant savings to businesses. 71lbs’ automated process & team identify and claim your due refunds from FedEx and UPS, allowing you to focus on your business and not waste valuable resources. No start-up or monthly maintenance fee is necessary.

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