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When you have both an online and retail presence, it’s important to make it easy to find where your merchandise can be purchased. With Stockist, a new Zoey app, you can do so easier than ever!

What Is Stockist?

Stockist allows sellers with a retail presence to be able to display their store locations in an easy to browse way. It offers a highly visual way to interact with the store locations for your customers, and is easy to maintain for you.

Stockist Store Locator

With the Stockist Store Locator, you can offer an easy tool for your buyers to see where your products are available. This can be your own store locations, or in the case of distributors, where your products can be found. This can make it easier for buyers to find a physical location to obtain your goods.

5 Benefits of Stockist

Stockist has a number of key benefits to assist merchants and their customers:

1. Easy to use and maintain

Add stores via their dashboard or via a spreadsheet – whichever is easier for you to manage.

2. Highly customizable

Choose the appropriate theme, layout and color scheme to match your website.

3. Searchable store listings

Customers can find the right store near them, or even multiple stores if they want to shop around a bit in case one store is temporarily out of stock.

4. Visual Design Editor compatibility

A special Stockist block within Zoey’s Visual Design Editor gives you the ability to easily place your store locator where you want it.

5. Geolocation for accuracy

Stockist leverages capabilities to pinpoint your customer location, so they can see results right away.

Start Using Stockist

Stockist can be added as a Zoey app, and then is immediately available in the Visual Design Editor for drag-and-drop functionality within your existing design. Keep in mind you’ll need a Stockist subscription along with the Zoey app to use Stockist on your store.

Stockist is an affordable and simple solution for merchants who need a store locator option.

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