Stockist Store Locator Now Available on Zoey

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When you have both an online and retail presence, it’s important to make it easy to find where your merchandise can be purchased. With Stockist, a new Zoey app, you can do so easier than ever!

Stockist has a number of key benefits to assist merchants and their customers:

  • Easy to use and maintain: Add stores via their dashboard or via a spreadsheet
  • Highly customizable: Choose the appropriate theme, layout and color scheme to match your website
  • Searchable store listings: Customers can find the right store near them
  • Visual Design Editor compatibility: A special Stockist block gives you the ability to easily place your store locator where you want it
  • Geolocation for accuracy: Stockist leverages capabilities to pinpoint your customer location, so they can see results right away

Stockist can be added as a Zoey app, and then is immediately available in the Visual Design Editor for drag-and-drop functionality within your existing design. Keep in mind you’ll need a Stockist subscription along with the Zoey app to use Stockist on your store.

Stockist is an affordable and simple solution for merchants who need a store locator option. To learn more about the app, click the button below:

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