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Today’s post is contributed by Zoey partner SalesWarp.

Zoey’s partner SalesWarp is proud to launch their latest series 4 with version 4.1. This latest series runs faster than ever with more customizations and features to expand your store, manage operations, and improve the customer experience. SalesWarp’s new modular design and features will make it easier for third-party developers to extend integrations with SalesWarp’s API.

SalesWarp Feature Enhancements

Among the features are:

  • Enhanced Order Management
  • Improved Warehouse Management
  • Better Fulfillment and Delivery Management for Inventory
  • Customized Time Zones and International Support
  • Workflows and Pre-Built Configurations
  • Third-Party Plugins and Client Customizations

Let’s explore each of the features and what this means for your business.

Enhanced Order Management

Series 4 will allow you to fulfill complex orders with ease from an updated delivery invoice system that will be available as a core feature for all users. Combined with an advanced workflow engine, delivery invoices will be seamless process for B2B and retailers.

SalesWarp’s advanced order management feature will be able to handle multiple shipments from locations, future dates, pick-up onsite, multiple shipping addresses, mixed orders, and more.

Improved Warehouse Management

The latest update will enhance warehouse operations, expanding production and reducing errors. Spend less time with complex operations with our pick manager tool for wave picking, batch picking, and pick to order functions. You can continue to use your favorite shipping tools or use our fully integrated shipping solution with FedEx, UPS, Aramaex, and DHL.

Series 4’s location management feature will show the warehouse location and the cart or bin to pick, allowing users to find any order in real-time, whether it’s been packed, picked, or shipped. Move orders out of the warehouse faster by batching express orders separately.

Better Fulfillment and Delivery Management for Inventory

Series 4 brings additional inventory rules and workflows to help manage your inventory, fulfillment, and delivery processes with less hassle. SalesWarp will provide accurate inventory data across all of your systems including, CRM, WMS, ERP, Accounting, Point of Sale, and more.

Manage several warehouses, Amazon FBA, and drop shippers to get a single real-time view of inventory across all of your sales channels. Avoid overselling and overpaying for shipping. Series 4 will help manage the complexity of managing your store.

Customized Time Zones and International Support

International business has now been improved with personalized time zones, supported languages, and international currencies. You will now be able to manage orders, view reports, KPI’s and other functions with time zone support. Series 4 will now support language translations for French, Arabic, and English.

Workflows and Pre-Built Configurations

Series 4 is equipped with several pre-built configurations and workflows that will improve delivery times up to 50%! Each Series 4 update will include a reference design around popular third-party systems like ERP, point of sale solutions, and e-commerce.

SalesWarp’s latest version is pre-packaged for omnichannel retailers, with reference designs for ‘buy online pick up in store’, ship from store, and endless aisle, SalesWarp’s core WMS, OMS, and shipping systems. The 4.1 reference design will integrate Magento 2 and Retail Pro. Other store connectors such as Zoey will also be available.

Third-Party Plugins and Client Customizations

SalesWarp’s API will allow you to create endless possibilities with Series 4. Third-party developers will now have a framework to expand features of SalesWarp to clients. Third-party plugins will be available along with the option to have SalesWarp maintain customizations.

Whether you want to change a feature’s placement or build a new payment gateway, SalesWarp’s API and third-party framework will let you do it all! As always, the SalesWarp team will build customizations on top of the core software for your store’s unique needs.

About SalesWarp

SalesWarp is a modernized distributed order management software that unifies all sales channels, inventory, orders, and processes into one system.

Schedule a demo to see how SalesWarp can elevate your store today!

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