4 Benefits of Using Rivet Works To Capture Customer Experience

Rivet Works collected content

Rivet Works, a tool that helps you capture meaningful customer experiences that you can display for other prospective customers to see, is now available for use by Zoey merchants.

Benefits of Rivet Works

Rivet Works can collect information from your customers via email, your website, social media and more. They ask customers to provide reviews, pictures, and other helpful content that prospective customers can review.

1. Customer Reviews

By sharing other customers’ experiences, you can help reinforce your reputation using customer feedback as proof of the quality of the store you run and the products you sell. Furthermore, stores that leverage this approach see improvements in their conversion rates and sales!

rivet-works-dashboard2. Metrics Dashboard

Rivet Works’ dashboard gives you helpful metrics that can show how content collection can enhance your sales and conversions. Rivet Works customers have seen as much as a 200% lift in conversions and 10% lift in average order value of those customers who have interacted with content Rivet Works has assisted to collect vs. those who don’t see that content.

3. Marketing and Advertising

You can leverage content from your customers for marketing purposes, sharing across email, social media and more! Customers can also browse the collected content in areas where you present.

Because outside content can present risks because you’re not writing it, you’re given moderation controls to make sure what you’re posting to your site is something you feel confident sharing with others.

4. Data Analytics

Rivet Works also provides data analytics, ensuring you can see which forms of content generation and marketing are working best for your business, so you can channel your energy (and customers’ efforts) into what best helps your business.

Rivet Works and Zoey

Rivet Works is compatible with Zoey’s Visual Design Editor to ensure content can properly be presented on your Zoey site, and has been tested with live Zoey merchants.

To learn more about Rivet Works, see their app listing on Zoey, or visit their website.

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