Hosting Advice Shares Zoey’s B2B Ecommerce Approach

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Hosting Advice, a website focused primarily on hosting issues, also examines platforms that have hosting as part of their solution, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. It’s in that spirit that Zoey VP of Marketing Josh O’Connell was interviewed by hosting Advice’s Christine Preusler as part of an article they wrote on our wholesale and B2B Ecommerce offering.

“Zoey is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use B2B and wholesale ecommerce platform. The intuitive solution, which requires no coding experience, helps merchants save time and money while streamlining the purchasing process. And with simplified migrations, merchants can get up and running with Zoey quickly and confidently.”
Christine Preusler
Contributing Editor, Hosting Advice

The article discusses Zoey’s place in the marketplace, offering a more comprehensive solution for businesses who have already proven their business case, but need a more comprehensive Ecommerce solution that they can grow into. It looks at:

  • The tools we’ve built to make Ecommerce more accessible, such as our Visual Design Editor.
  • The apps and integrations available to extend Zoey to cover needs of various businesses.
  • Features we offer to make Ecommerce better for wholesale and B2B buyers, such as Table View.
  • And more!

Try It Yourself

Zoey offers a wide array of capabilities for brands, wholesalers, franchisers and distributors seeking a B2B or wholesale Ecommerce solution. If you’d like to see Zoey in action with a personalized demo, click the button to request yours:

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