Ecommerce Tips: Simple Steps To Eliminate Currency Exchange Hassles

Currencies Direct

While technology has made it much easier to sell internationally, the process is still somewhat complicated. One area that’s particularly complex, especially for those new to cross-border trade is currency conversion.

In a recent webinar with Currencies Direct, a service that helps merchants optimize their currency conversion strategy, we walked through some common pitfalls merchants face and provide tips to solve them. We now have the recording available on-demand if you missed the webinar the first time around. 

During the webinar, we discussed how to:

  • Repatriate your overseas sales at the best possible exchange rate
  • Protect your cash flow from currency market movements
  • Reduce the cost of imported stock and increase profit margins

You can view the recording of this webinar below. If you’d like to check out our upcoming webinars and register for them, head here: 

Zoey has invested in ensuring a strong internationalization experience, with the ability to manage multi-language and multi-currency stores on one account, but an eCommerce store is only one part of the solution.. If your business extends into marketplaces, Currencies Direct is an important missing piece that maximizes revenue selling internationally.

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