Introduction to Shipping with ShipperHQ and Zoey

Zoey and ShipperHQ

When it comes to Ecommerce, shipping can become overly complicated the more sophisticated your business is.

To help solve this challenge, Zoey is proud to announce our partnership with an amazing shipping partner, ShipperHQ. ShipperHQ is one of the most sophisticated rate calculation and manipulation engine in the world. By using ShipperHQ and Zoey together, merchants have the ability to create and manage sophisticated shipping rates and shipping options from one central location.

Interested in learning more? Let’s dig into the details of ShipperHQ and why you should use it.

Why is a shipping rate calculation and rules engine so important to your business and your customers? Because it’s going to give you the best rates for time and cost. It supports over 30 carriers worldwide, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, DHL, UPS Freight, Cerasis and so much more. ShipperHQ also gives detailed control over the rates and options that your customer can see at checkout. By controling this information, your able to mitigate the confusion and “sticker shock” that leads to abandoned carts on lesser platforms.

ShipperHQ and Zoey Have a Powerful Feature Set

Part of the reason of why ShipperHQ’s integration with Zoey is so great, is that it offers a lot of flexibility and features that you wouldn’t find on the other SaaS platforms it integrates with.

Some of those bonus features the Zoey integration includes are:

Calendar at Checkout

With Zoey and ShipperHQ, users will have the ability to display a calendar so they can pick when they want their item(s) to be delivered. Your customers will also have the option of selecting a time slots for local or same day delivery.

An example of when this feature is important is when a store is selling perishable items. Customers need to make sure that they are home when their items are delivered, so they’ll want to select a day and time they know they’ll be home. It’s also great for when customers need a package to arrive on a specific date, such as a birthday or holiday.

Multi-Origin Shipping

Are you a Zoey customer with multiple warehouses? This is a huge advantage for store owners that are selling B2B. Now, your customers can select their shipping options from the specific origins of their products.

And speaking of B2B – one common way of shipping is with freight shipping, and now with Zoey and ShipperHQ, you can. This is great for bulky shipping

Merchants that are selling B2B should also check out some of Zoey’s built-in B2B tools.

Store Pickup

Do you have both a brick and mortar store and using Zoey for selling online? Now, your customers can actually view a custom map with pins that show all of your store locations. These pins will show your store locations so that your customers will be able to select which store they to pick up their item from the map. The map will also show the store hours and contact information.

Address Validation

This feature is for US store owners only. Customers will be able to select if they are residential or a businesses so the correct surcharges are calculated and applied as needed. This is a great feature for those that are selling both B2B and B2C and will help you to charge the correct rates for all your orders.

Webinar: Getting Your Store in Ship-Shape Condition

Not only can having the right shipping options be critical for achieving your business goals, but customers have growing expectations of shipping offers as a result of services like Amazon Prime raising the bar for everyone.

So we turned to Daniel Ziegler, of Zoey partner ShipperHQ, to present some information about what’s possible and what customers expect nowadays, and talked about it on during a recent merchant webinar. ShipperHQ heavily extends Zoey through an app on our store that offers more features than any other SaaS platform. During webinar we reviewed:

  • Increasing conversion/decreasing cart abandonment
  • Eliminating unexpected undercharges
  • Presenting customers with additional options & promotions

Check out the webinar to learn about these topics and how to properly leverage them to maximize your sales:

Get Started with Zoey and ShipperHQ

As you can see, there are a ton of of differences that you’ll find with Zoey’s integration with ShipperHQ versus what you’ll find on other SaaS platforms.

If you are interested in learning more about ShipperHQ, you can see more information about them here.

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