Free eBook, Revised for 2021: The Changing Landscape of B2B Commerce

The Changing Landscape of B2B Commerce

The Changing Landscape of B2B CommerceTwo years ago, we introduced our first eBook, which was designed to educate and inspire brands, distributors and wholesalers to take advantage of all sorts of B2B Ecommerce improvements that technology is enabling businesses to accomplish now.

In the intervening two years, technology has continued to rapidly evolve, adding even more helpful tools that can continue to drive better business operations, more sales, and enable your team more effectively. As such, we have updated our eBook with new and expanded information for 2021, and the new version is now available as a free download.

In this edition, you’ll find tips on how to leverage B2B Commerce in a variety of critical ways:

  • Supporting self-service buyers
  • Supporting full-service (sales supported) buyers
  • Migrating your sales online
  • Provide a personalized experience through customer segmentation
  • Sell both B2B and direct to consumer on a single store
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Other considerations on how to support your business

In the new edition we dive deeper into topics such as leveraging an app to support salespeople to sell in the field, the importance of B2B payment types and their support in a modern Commerce solution, and integrating in to other business systems to avoid data errors and reduce manual data duplication requirements.

You can get your copy of the eBook for free at this link, and if you’re inspired by what you see in the book, you can request a conversation with our Success Team to see how Zoey can support your company in these efforts!

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