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Avalara Free Sales Tax Risk Assessment Tool

If you make sales into states where you don’t collect sales tax, you’re at risk of being out of compliance. Most states now require out-of-state sellers with a certain amount of sales in the state to register to collect and remit sales tax. This is economic nexus. 

Our tax expert partner Avalara has developed a free sales tax risk assessment tool that tells you where your business may have triggered economic nexus. The assessment will ask you to answer:

  1. Where do you currently collect and remit sales tax?
  2. Where do you make sales but not collect sales tax?
  3. Roughly how much do you sell in states where you don’t collect?

After taking the assessment, you’ll get a customized PDF featuring a list of states where you likely have economic nexus, along with details about each state’s economic nexus threshold. Further, you can also take advantage of a free consultation to help you understand your company’s potential economic nexus risk in each state and cost-effective steps you can take to improve compliance.

Interested? Complete your assessment today:

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