Make Product Data Entry Easier with Vesta’s Automated Solutions

Did you know it takes the average online seller 7 minutes to get a single product entered into their store? If you’ve got hundred or thousands of products to manage, or new products to list regularly, this time can quickly add up. Meanwhile, if you’re a distributor and have a number of clients or online stores who are reselling your products, they all have to invest that time individually to list products on their stores.

The issues with this heavy effort are many: Some stores are slow to get new items listed, or decide to trim down their product offerings because they don’t have the bandwidth. Others fight through it but inevitably make mistakes from human efforts to speed up the process.

There’s a better way, however, and Zoey is pleased to announce its partnership accordingly with Vesta, which offers an automated solution for both merchants who resell, and merchants who distribute products for resale.

Vesta can take data from various sources, process it through rules that will make it perfect to list on Zoey, and then upload those products to Zoey, and once things are properly set up it can do it automatically for you.

Vesta’s data automation solutions can cut the time for listing a product down by 90 percent. If you’re a reseller, this means you can offer a wider range of products because it doesn’t take as much effort to get products on to your store. Vesta can pull data from various sources, clean up the data, and get it listed on to Zoey for you.

If you’re a distributor selling products that your customers will resell, they may need that product data themselves. So Vesta can also help Zoey merchants in those circumstances by providing data feeds that your resellers can leverage for getting products listed on their own stores, increasing the viability of your products for their stores.

If you’re constantly managing product data on your Zoey store, Vesta is likely able to help you get things slimmed down timewise so you can get to other tasks on your plate. Vesta is the only SaaS-based solution in the eCommerce space helping with these sorts of problems, so you’ll definitely find unique and useful solutions for businesses just like you.

Learn a bit more about Vesta on their Zoey listing, or click here to request more information.

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