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Zoey B2B Commerce ChecklistAmong the things that the year 2020 brought to light, it’s the power of online B2B Commerce and the ability for businesses to maintain, and even grow, their business through online means. But there are still a lot of B2B businesses not online, and others who are using outdated solutions.

The tools that make B2B Commerce simpler to manage online have continued to improve, and that means wholesalers, brands, distributors and other B2B Commerce businesses will find more capabilities that make their businesses not only viable online, but a place they can thrive.

Zoey’s B2B Commerce Checklist has always aimed to highlight the various capabilities out there for businesses to move forward and become more efficient, and our newly updated 2021 version, free for anyone to download, further updates the list to add a set of Billing Features that B2B Commerce can leverage for further success.

Our latest version of the checklist incorporates the following main categories:

  • B2B Functionality Basics: Core capabilities for many order taking and Commerce solutions in 2021.
  • Customer Self-Service Options: B2C has paved the way to make many B2B buyers feel more comfortable placing their own orders, as long as the self-service tools provided empower them to do so.
  • Salesperson Support: Many B2B businesses are still reliant on a salesforce to drive sales, so the strongest B2B platforms enable them to their best success.
  • Product Management: Ways to improve product data input and reduce errors in order placement through accurate website data.
  • Customer Segmentation: Create groups that organize your customers in ways that let them see their own personalized pricing, catalog, payment and shipping options, and more.
  • NEW! Billing Features: Whether offering Buy Now, Pay Later options like Net Terms or the ability to offer Deposit/Balance Billing scenarios, billing is a critical part of an online B2B business’ capability to succeed.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Some businesses need to take further steps in complexity to properly service their customers, such as through offering Net Terms or Quote requests. Others need to group users into companies for scenarios like order approval. This category covers less common use cases that nevertheless can occur frequently in wholesale and distribution order taking.
  • Integrations/Data Sharing: For many businesses, an order capture solution need to talk to other systems. You can account for a variety of systems and reduce data entry duplication through proper integrations.

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