Important Information About Changes to Your Zoey Back-End Admin

Zoey Admin changes info

Zoey’s recent rebranding is more than a new logo and color scheme. It also incorporates a broader rethink about how we present various capabilities and solutions to our existing and prospective customers.

To support this renewed vision, a number of changes are being made to the back-end of the Zoey system, which we are now calling Zoey Admin, as part of our release of Zoey 4.0, which is scheduled to be released Monday, June 15.

Zoey Web is the name we’re giving to all of the website store front-end features and settings. The Navigation has been re-organized to separate “Zoey Admin” from “Zoey Web.” Important features like Refresh My Store and Index Management are being moved and renamed as well.

With that in mind, please note the following changes:

  • Edit My Design is now called Theme
  • Zoey Web > Features was added for Abandoned Carts, Newsletter Subscribers, Reviews

    Zoey Web Features menu

  • Zoey Web > Settings was added to group all of the Web settings into one place. It contains Cart Settings, Translations, Customer Access & Registration Settings, Web Settings for Products, and more.

    Zoey Web Settings menu

  • Refresh My Store and Index Management have been moved to the Blue Sidebar inside of our new “Refresh” Menu and renamed “Flush Cache” and “Re-Index

    Zoey flush cache and reindex

For our B2B users, we’ve restructured the “CRM” section of Zoey to better match how you do business.

  1. You sell to Accounts giving them custom pricing and Net Terms.
  2. You set up specific Bill To/Ship To Locations or Addresses
  3. You have 1 or more contacts for the Account that may (or may not) have access to log-in to the Zoey Web Portal.
  4. If your Account customers can log-in you might need to set workflows and permissions for them to submit Quotes or Orders for Approval.

With that in mind we made a few changes:

  • Companies has now been renamed “Accounts” and is located above “Customers

    Zoey Accounts menu

  • Create Customers for an Account without leaving the Account Create and Edit Screens.
  • Link an existing Customer to an Account from within the Customer Create and Edit Screens.

    Zoey Customers menu

  • Create new Customer Groups and import custom pricing from within the Account Create and Edit Screens
  • Send “Invitation” emails to Customers from the Account or Customer Create Screens that takes them directly to create a password and log-in.

We realize that there are always learning curves when major changes are introduced. We encourage our customers to submit a support ticket if they have any questions on how to find anything they were previously using, or to get help on any of the new adjustments made to the Zoey Admin. Click the button below to open a support ticket:

Open a Ticket

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