Account Manager Self-Serve Tool for Enrolling Customers Launched

Account Owner self service tools launched

Zoey’s Accounts feature lets you group multiple buyers under a single account, and establish workflows such as order approval. Until now, accounts had to be created by the seller, managed in the Zoey admin, and did not give accounts the ability to add buyers.

With the new Account Manager self-service tool, the Account Owner can now add additional Customers to their Account without requiring the intervention of the seller. The new capabilities allow a number of new self-management steps:

  • Zoey Admin users can allow an Account Owner to configure their settings
  • Account Owners can see their settings, buyers and more in a new Account Manager area
  • Account Owners can invite new buyers and link them to other Account information such as locations and user roles.

Let’s explore how this works in more detail.

Invite an Account Owner

  Invite Account Owner in Zoey Admin

Zoey admin users have always had the ability to assign an Account Owner. New settings have been added to grant them access to self-manage their Account. This includes the ability to add Customers, manage Locations and manage Addresses. Zoey Admin users have the ability to mix and match the settings as appropriate for a given Account Owner.

Account Owner Settings Management

Account Manager screen of Zoey Web My Account area

Once an Account Owner has access, they are given a new screen in the My Account area of Zoey Web for management of a number of items:

  • Locations: Locations are the various places your Customers are going to be located. Each location can be assigned basic options such as addresses and billing/shipping options, as well as more advanced settings such as credit limits. Not all settings will be available to the Account Owner, and must still be set in the Zoey Admin by the seller.
  • Addresses: Billing and shipping addresses can be loaded and saved, and assigned to various Locations.
Invite Customers to the Account

Account Manager Invite Customer in Zoey Web

Account Owners can then also invite additional customers to the Account, assigning them to locations, which means the Customers will be restricted based on their assignment. They can also be assigned roles, which will have various rules that can be placed on them as well, such as whether their orders have to be approved.

Seller Setup for First-Time Use

Add Account Manager link to My Account

To have access to this capability in the Zoey Web My Account section, a link to the Account Manager must be added in the Visual Design Editor. A link can be easily added to the My Dashboard section, as seen in the link above.

Leverage Accounts for B2B Sales Success

If you are a Zoey customer and not leveraging Accounts today, or are looking at Zoey as a solution, our Customer Success team would be happy to give you a personalized demo. Click the button below to request one today:

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