Other Recent Zoey Updates for Spring 2020

Zoey recent updates

With Spring of 2020 now concluded, we thought it would be good to take a look at a few other Zoey updates that have come out over the past few months that will benefit many of you, but wasn’t previously covered in our wave of recent announcements. If you missed those announcements, we’ve previously shared:

With that in mind, here’s additional updates we’ve released that can help our merchants do even more. Remember that you can always stay up to date with the latest updates.

First Party Integrations Launched

Zoey is beginning to roll out its own in-house built integrations to some of the platforms our customers routinely use. Salesforce launched in April, and Quickbooks Online launched in June. More platforms will be made available in the coming months.

These integrations are made available at no additional charge for customers on specific plans. If there is a specific platform that you’d like to see as a customer, or want to see if your plan supports these integrations, please open a support ticket.

“Packaging” Quantity Increments

Packaging Quantity Settings in Zoey Admin

Zoey has long supported the ability to set a quantity increment, which determines in what quantities an account can purchase. If you only sell by the case, and there’s 12 units per case, you could force the purchases to be 12, 24, etc. units to ensure it’s equal amounts for cases.

A new enhancement lets you visually label it as 1 case, and behind the scenes Zoey can equate that to the size of your case and properly track inventory. This reduces confusion on the account side, showing what they expect to see in such circumstances.

Learn how to implement this in our support documentation.

Account Net Terms

Zoey’s Net Terms feature has been expanded to be able to be set on an Account, which is a group of Customer logins grouped under a single Account. This allows for an Account-wide establishment of Net Terms, as well as credit limits, as opposed to having to set it Customer by Customer.

For more granular control, Net Terms and Spending Limits could also be set at a location by location basis under a given Account.

Customer Registration Thank You Redirect

For our merchants who need to be able to track customer registrations, add pixels, or need a specific place to land those who have completed the process, we’ve added a Thank You Redirect option that can let you choose which landing page a registrant arrives at when the process is complete.

Learn more on how to set up in the support documentation.

Order Attachments

Order Attachments in Zoey Admin

To make it easier to consolidate documentation, Zoey now supports the ability to add file attachments to an order. As part of attaching a document, you can decide whether a given attachment is visible to the Customer, and whether to email the Customer when it’s attached.

Tier Pricing Groups

If you have multiple items that can be combined to reach a tier pricing step when mixed and matched, tier pricing groups makes it easier to assign products to those groups and establish quantities across a group of products to get price breaks, vs. every individual product.

Learn how this works, and how to implement, in our rget=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>support documentation.

Settings > Emails

Settings > Emails Location in Zoey Admin

We’ve added a new central hub for all of the various settings for your emails under the area of Settings > Emails. This covers both settings for the various emails that Zoey can send, as well as the template management of those emails. You can find the following:

  • Email Logo
  • “From” Email Addresses
  • Email Header/Footers
  • Customer Email Notifications (Welcome email, contact form etc…)
  • Order Email Notifications (New Order, Shipment etc…)
  • Quote Email Notifications (New Quote, Quote Update etc…)
  • Product Email Notifications (Gift Cards etc…)
  • Blog Email Notifications (New Comments etc…)
    Other features include:
  • Adding BCC Emails to each notification
  • Adding “Variable” information from an order, customer or store (like Customer Name, or Order Number)
  • Creating Email Templates for different customer groups
  • Translating Emails
  • Preview
  • Sending a Test Email
There’s Always More on the Way

Zoey regularly releases new feature updates, additions and fixes to keep all Zoey stores running at their peak. As a SaaS-driven solution, all customers benefit from changes upon release as their stores are updated automatically.

For a more complete list of updates made to Zoey, as well as newer updates than those shown here, click the button below to visit our release notes page in the support documentation:

See what's new at Zoey

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