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Zoey mobile app for iOS cart screenOne of the most requested features for Zoey to add is a native Zoey app that allows for searching information and capturing orders in a simple, streamlined mobile app interface.

We have launched our iOS app, with a core set of functionality that our sellers rely on daily:

  • Review product information, including images
  • Look up customer information, customer-specific pricing and more
  • Capture orders and create sales quotes
  • Work offline when internet access is unavailable
  • Sync orders to Zoey/product and customer information to your app

This takes a giant step towards our mission of allowing our sellers to capture orders anytime, anywhere. Let’s review how each of these features operate on the new Zoey app, as well as how you can download and try the app for free today:

Review Product Information, Including Images

With the Zoey Mobile App, you can look up product information wherever you are, including images of the products, to be able to share and verify information with your buyers. Confirm questions about products from your accounts, while on site!

Look Up Customer Information, Customer-Specific Pricing and More

Your Zoey Mobile App contains access to your customers, along with the ability to validate a variety of information. For instance, you can see customer-specific pricing and catalog information, ensuring you’re able to honor the same pricing as they would see on your website. You can also validate billing and shipping addresses.

Capture Orders and Create Sales Quotes

The bread and butter of our mobile app is to help salespeople and other company representatives capture orders anytime, anywhere. Visiting a customer on site? At a trade show or other business-driven event? Get an email while traveling? The possibilities are endless. You can create Sales Quotes or Orders in real time.

Work Offline When Internet Access is Unavailable

At many trade shows, Internet can be spotty or unreliable. Some of your customers may live in areas where service isn’t strong. But you still need the ability to find information or capture a sale. That’s why we’ve built an app that can even work offline, ensuring there’s no issues with being able to work productively and avoid less efficient order capture methods.

Sync Orders to Zoey, and Product/Customer Information to the App

To allow for an offline mode, the app has a syncing function that lets you sync product and customer information to your app, and transfer orders places on the app back to Zoey. Keep your information up to date, while ensuring orders make it back to Zoey successfully!

Curious? Get Started Now!

You can download the iOS app today on the App Store, and leverage our demo store to get acclimated with the new app immediately! Existing customers must have a supported plan to be able to use the app with your store. Click the button below to download the app or simply search “Zoey B2B” on the app store!

Download the App

If you have a supported plan, click here to learn how to enable access to the Mobile App.

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