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Zoey logo 2020We’re excited to announce (and show you!) the long-planned revamp of our Zoey brand. While the obvious changes around here are our new website and logo, there’s a lot more to this than just some new illustrations and web pages.

Since we honed in on the B2B and wholesale market, there had always been a bit of a disconnect between the name Zoey and what we offer. With our relaunch, we have formalized some principles, many of which had always been part of our DNA, that bring it all together:

We’re a Part of Your Team

This has been part of our ethos since day one – we work together, day to day, to help your business operate and succeed. Zoey’s customers see our solutions as a critical part of their daily business. Our support team answers tickets on average within one business hour of receipt – we know when you rely on a solution like ours, waiting for an answer isn’t helpful.

Our new slogan, “Can we take your orders?”, builds upon that idea with the idea that we’re on your team, here to help you capture sales and grow your business. Many B2B businesses have been slow to leverage technology and shift from outdated models to more modern and efficient ones. Zoey’s customers get the value of being able to streamline all orders in a single location, and Zoey has become the hub of their business

Take Orders Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

With the launch of our Mobile App, we now truly can help our sellers achieve true mobility and capture orders in any format. Whether it’s on site with a customer, at a trade show or other business gathering, or at home while working remotely, our solutions ensure that your sales team and customer service representatives can help your customers wherever they are, whenever they need it.

We’re just getting started, too – look for more transformative solutions from Zoey in the months ahead to further confirm this philosophy. In the coming weeks we have some exciting announcements to share about a number of key feature launches we’ve completed during the rebranding process, and more great additions are on the way.

We Aim to Simplify Complex B2B Technology

B2B commerce has a much more complex outlook than B2C – product catalog segmentation, individualized pricing, LTL shipping, sales quotes… there’s so much more that is involved with a B2B transaction, but it doesn’t mean the end result has to be overly complex. In fact, when done the right way, it can actually make your job much easier.

Zoey’s been working on these areas for years, and continues to evolve and improve our solutions to make our customers’ jobs easier. One of our core missions is to continue to make technology more accessible, and simpler, so businesses can focus on other parts of their business instead of being stuck on order management and processing all day.

We’re Here to Help

Aside from being a part of your team, we also like to roll up our sleeves and be hands on with our merchants. Whether it’s advising the best way to accomplish a goal, educating about other ways to use Zoey, or introducing our new capabilities as they come out, we want our merchants to make the most of their investment.

This has always been part of our DNA, and with the brand relaunch you’ll continue to see everything from blog posts and webinars to one-on-one conversations about how to make the most of Zoey’s capabilities.

Thank You!

Zoey’s been around for nearly six years, and we couldn’t do it without our customers, partners and internal team. We’re excited about what the road ahead has in store, and appreciate you joining us for this journey. Be sure to share with us your feedback of the new site, and what you would like to see in the future from Zoey. Click the button below to let us know your thoughts:

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