July 2019 Zoey Enhancements and Additions

Many businesses slow down during the summer months due to vacations and other work-related tasks. Not Zoey – we kicked off the month launching some important Visual Design Editor enhancements, and ended the month with even more. Both changes were long requested by customers so we’re excited to bring them to you!

Along with a number of third-party app launches and updates, like adding Walmart support for M2E Pro, we had a number of other helpful changes made to the platform to add or enhance functionality. Below are among the key updates rolled out during the month of July 2019, all of which merchants can leverage right now as part of their subscriptions.

You can always stay up to date with the latest updates, and share your feedback about what we should add next.

  • Multi-User Editing of Different Pages in the Visual Design Editor: You can now have different users editing different pages simultaneously! Our system will automatically recognize changes to shared blocks like the Header and Footer and notify other users to Save to merge changes. This will avoid accidental overwrites of each other’s work and for the first time make the Visual Design Editor truly a multi-user tool. Learn More Here

    Visual Design Editor Changes Made

  • Hide Header/Footer on Specific Pages in the Visual Design Editor: This feature gives you the ability to hide the header and/or footer on specific pages. This can come up if you need marketing landers that don’t allow a potential customer to leave a set content flow, for instance. Learn more here.

    Hide Header and Footer in the Visual Design Editor

  • Quote Attachments: Files can now be attached to a quote. Files will be downloadable from the Quote Emails or on the customer My Account > View Quote screen.
  • Quote Audit Log: See a log of all changes made to the quote including who made those changes.
  • Quote email Log: See a log of when emails were sent, who they were sent to, and who sent them for each quote.
  • Product Inventory Audit Log: Any updates to your product inventory made in the Admin, whether with a CSV file, via API, inventory chaged from Orders created by Customers or Admin Users and inventory returned to stock via Credit Memo. In all scenarios, this is now being tracked in a new section of the Product Edit screen called “Audit Log”. 

    Click on a row to view details about the change including who made the change, when it was made, what the value was before the change and what it was after the change.


For a more complete list of updates made to Zoey, click the button below to visit our release notes page in the support documentation:

See what's new at Zoey

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