June 2019 Zoey Enhancements and Additions

June saw one of Zoey’s biggest updates in some time, with the launch of our Customer Group Themes, allowing true multi-theme support on a single Zoey store for the first time. Major enhancements were also made to the design and organization of key My Account pages that customers see, as well as additional group level controls on a variety of items.

Below are among the key updates rolled out during the month of June 2019, all of which merchants can leverage right now as part of their subscriptions. You can always stay up to date with the latest updates, and share your feedback about what we should add next.

  • Improved My Account Screens: The Customer Account View Order and View Quote page has been given a much needed re-design. Information is organized much more clearly and easier to read.

    My Account View Order screen
    The My Orders and My Quotes grids have also been heavily redesigned and enhanced. Your customers can now search, sort and filter their orders by Status, Date Range and more. They can also use Bulk Actions to select and print multiple orders at once.

    My Orders redesign for My Account section

  • Sale Prices per Customer Group: Given many B2B businesses set pricing by customer group, sale pricing may also vary accordingly. Zoey now supports setting different sale pricing by customer group as well as separate start/end dates for each group.

    Sale price by customer group

  • Customer Attribute Visibility in Documents: Customer attributes can now be displayed in PDFs and Emails as part of the information provided in those documents.
  • Checkout Fields per Customer Group: You can now decide at a customer group level whether certain fields appear and/or are required. Manage these under Setup->Checkout Settings.
  • Personalize the Customer Header: Variables are now available to display the customer’s information in the header to provide a more personalized welcome.

    Store header customer personalization
    Values available include:

    • [ customerName ]
    • [ customerFirstName ]
    • [ customerLastName ]
    • [ customerEmail ]
  • New Order Grid Filter: The filters now have an additional setting that lets you search for values that start with or end with a certain string. Great for searching broadly for more specific names/information.
  • Custom Shipping Discount Pricing for Admin-Created Orders: Orders placed by staff in Zoey’s backend can now have a custom shipping discount price applied. This provides merchants more granular control over shipping pricing when needed.

    Custom discount shipping pricing

  • Zoey Quotes Audit Log: See when emails were sent, to whom and by whom, for better understanding of communication around a given quote.

For a more complete list of updates made to Zoey, click the button below to visit our release notes page in the support documentation:

See what's new at Zoey

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