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Since Zoey introduced its Customer Groups feature, we have introduced a variety of ways to differentiate the experience by customer group, from catalog segmentation to the ability to have a different landing page when customers log in.

With Multi-Theme, you can now assign different themes, further customizing each customer group experience.

How Does Multi-Theme Work?

With the multi-theme option, you can set up multiple Zoey themes in our Visual Design Editor, and assign each theme to one or more customer groups. This can allow for subtle variations in theme in more basic use cases, all the way to completely different visual layouts when required.

Truly Customized Experience Per Customer Group

Being able to differentiate design per group allows for a variety of concepts that businesses have requested over time:

  • B2C vs. B2B: Many of our merchants sell to both B2C and B2B customers through their website. B2C customers prefer a browsable catalog while B2B customers generally need a quick, painless way to add a variety of SKUs at once to the cart. With a segmented design setup you can offer that order portal experience for B2B customers, while B2C customers can enjoy a beautiful, browsable catalog.
  • Custom Theme Per Brand: If you run a business with multiple brands, you may wish to have customers of Brand A to have an adjusted experience vs. customers of Brand B, but maintain it through a single storefront. You can adjust the theming accordingly, manage marketing assets separately, through this sort of segmentation.
  • Special Experience for Important Customers: Many businesses have a few special relationships that they invest extra to ensure they run smoothly. If you have a particularly large customer that has specific needs, you might need a special design or setup that caters to the requirements of that customer.
  • Control for Every Page: You can set a different design for product pages, category pages, content pages, the homepage, blog – all pages can be uniquely designed per theme and assigned to a customer group for completely segmented visuals.


Availability of Themes by Customer Group

The new feature is being added to Zoey’s Advanced plan for new customers, but most existing Zoey customers at the launch of Themes by Customer Group can take advantage of the feature as well – we’re unlocking it for customers on any plan that supports our Customer Groups feature at of the time of release.

There is a charge for each additional theme, which is dependent on your pricing plan. Only themes that are active and assigned will be billed; draft themes will continue to be available at no additional cost for those who wish to experiment with new designs before launching them. For more information on pricing for your Zoey account, please contact customer support by opening a ticket.

See How Zoey Can Help

Zoey’s Themes by Customer Group is our latest design-focused enhancement, but we’ve always put a premium on improving our merchants’ experience managing design with our Visual Design Editor.

To see it in action, and how your Ecommerce store can benefit from Zoey, contact us to speak to sales:

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