May 2019 Zoey Enhancements and Additions

May’s updates continued our push to make Zoey more accessible, which along with the introduction of Google Pay and Apple Pay through Stripe, included other updates to make Zoey easier than ever to use on mobile devices. We also continued to enhance our customer-group specific settings and the ability to locate orders with backordered items.

In today’s post we’ll look at some of the key updates, rolled out during the month of May 2019, that are now available to our merchants to leverage on their stores.

You can always stay up to date with the latest updates, and share your feedback about what we should add next.

  • Reviews Refresh: A redesign of our Reviews feature includes a stronger implementation on mobile devices for capturing customer product reviews. It also features a new clearer star rating, easier review and rating form, Review sort by newest, high to low, low to high and more control over the look & feel.


  • Order Attributes Admin Support: You can now manage and update order attributes in the admin when creating a quote, or after an order is placed. It also allows for internal order attributes used for the business that are not displayed to the customer or filled out by them.
  • Set Numerical Sequencing for Documents: You can set a custom starting number for Orders, Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos, as well as set separate numbers by customer group.
  • “Backorder” Filter on Order Grid: A new enhancement makes it easy to find orders with backordered items using a new filter within the order grid.
  • Amazon Pay Updates: 
    • Added “Tokenization” for customers to be able to have payment options remembered in your checkout
      Ability to add Amazon Payments to the Payment Method step of the checkout flow
  • Accept Terms on Registration Approval Page: Customer > Agreements (Terms & Conditions) for Customer Registration may now be configured to show on the Customers > Registration Approval Page (/r/registration)

For a more complete list of updates made to Zoey, click the button below to visit our release notes page in the support documentation:

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