Major Update to PDFs Offers More Control, Cleaner Design

The Shorthand
  • New design for PDFs available for all pricing plans
  • Ability to display attributes created in Product->Attributes
  • Ability to make text customizations in various parts of the PDFs
  • PDFs managed in new location: Orders->PDF Settings

Many B2B businesses and their buyers need the ability to print order invoices, packing slips, and other information for proper processing and management of their orders. Today, Zoey has launched a major enhancement of our PDF engine that powers these documents, providing a cleaner design with more customizable options than before. This update is available immediately to customers on all pricing plans.

What’s New


The new PDF engine comes with a cleaned up look and feel for easier review and navigation of documents. It offers the ability to place your own logo, decide whether product images are displayed, if you’d like a barcode to be placed on each document (and it what barcode format), and other basic customization settings you would expect.

But the new version is much more customizable. For instance, we have added editable sections that can include formatted text, just like you’d use in our Visual Design Editor, both above and below the main areas of the PDF.


You also have the ability to define the product attributes that are displayed within the PDF. Some attributes may be critical to your business, and with this update, we make that implementation easy.


You can decide on each document if you wish to include the comments that have been left by both you and the customer. Or, for a more complete accounting of an order, you can include the order history, which not only covers comments, but order status updates and changes.

Manage the New PDFs

The new PDFs and management of them live in a new home in the Zoey admin. Under Orders -> PDF Settings, you’ll find the options to manage these new document designs and settings.

Overall, this upgrade brings PDFs to a higher design standard overall, and provides more customization akin to what Zoey customers expect and enjoy elsewhere. Learn more about the PDF customizations in our support center and be sure to share with us your feedback!

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