New Staff Account Restrictions Streamline Customer, Order Views

If your Ecommerce business has a sales staff, or if you have certain employees who service a segment of your customer base, the amount of information in the Zoey dashboard could be overwhelming, and generally overkill for what those employees need. This month Zoey launched a new capability to determine what customers and customer groups each staff account can view, which is available exclusively in our Advanced plan.


Account Owners can manage the access capabilities of each of their staff accounts, determining which customers and/or customer groups their employees can access. The staff account customer restrictions are great for scenarios where a customer may be assigned to a:

  • Salesperson
  • Customer service representative
  • Account manager

There are a variety of benefits to be able to filter the customers and their orders down:

  • It helps the rep focus in on their own customers for easier identification of patterns
  • Less customers and orders to sift through makes it easier to spot issues or opportunities
  • and assisting their clients.

A brief overview of how this works can be found here.

This enhances previously available restrictions in terms of what areas of Zoey a staff account can access, which is helpful for defining roles and what they can do inside Zoey. The general staff restrictions are available on all plans, but the customer-specific restrictions are limited to the Advanced plan only.

Learn More About the Advanced Plan

Our Advanced Plan brings other exciting features to Zoey, such as Request a Quote and a Table view for the category page. If you haven’t seen what the Advanced Plan has to offer, click the button below to request a walkthrough of Zoey!

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