March 2019 Zoey Enhancements and Additions

March was another busy month for Zoey. We launched new salesperson tracking tools that let you assign reps to orders, customers and customer groups. We also expanded the availability of Table View into the product template, for a stronger way to merchandise Configurable Products for wholesale selling.

But that just scratches the surface, with dozens of additions, enhancements and fixes released in March alone, as part of Zoey’s continual improvement of the platform. Check out some of the highlights of work completed in March 2019 below.

You can always stay up to date with the latest updates, and share your feedback about what we should add next.

  • Import/Export from the Product Grid: You can now directly Export from the Product Grid., Visit Products->Product List, select Products, and click on Bulk Actions to see the new options. You can also Import directly by clicking on the Import icon.


  • Customer Registration Terms and Conditions: You can now add a Terms & Conditions agreement during the Customer Registration process. You can also require a signature to register for an account. Settings can be found under Customers -> Agreements. Learn more in the support docs.
  • Product Customizations by Customer Group: Customizations now support pricing per Customer Group! You can enable this feature under Product-> Settings-> Customizations-> Enable Option Customer Group and set that to Yes. Then go to a Product, select the Customizations tab and set the pricing by Customer Group.


  • New Multiple Pick List Option – Group by Attribute: Sometimes, for easier warehouse sourcing, businesses wish to sort the information on pick lists to make it easier to find items that are together. Now, on multiple orders Pick Lists, you can group order items by Product Attribute (like SKU or BIN #) or by Order Attribute (like Shipping Method). Learn more in our documentation.
  • “Read More” option in WYSIWYG availability expanded: The “Read More” capability added to certain blocks last month has been expanded to include the Product, Category & Blog WYSIWYG Editor elements.


For a more complete list of updates made to Zoey, click the button below to visit our release notes page in the support documentation:

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