Table View Option for Configurable Products in Zoey Stores


Configurable Products are one of Zoey’s most popular product types. One product on the front-end can lead to hundreds on the back end as a customer selects the attributes of a product that they want. In many cases, it can create simplicity for shoppers, while at the same time, it also allows for a variety of SKUs behind the scenes.

Table View: A New Way to Buy

While Zoey has long offered dropdowns and swatches to allow for a product selection, for many B2B sellers selling in volume, their customers need access to buy from a variety of options quickly and effectively. That’s why Zoey has expanded its Table View concept, originally rolled out for categories, and now offer a version of that for a Configurable Product.

With the Table View, all permutations of a product available within the Configurable Product are all printed out in a table format. A customer can enter quantities for each of the items and add all of them to the cart at the same time.

The goal is a faster buying experience, something we’ve continued to enhance over time, such as the introduction of the Order Portal Theme and our Advanced Quick Order feature. B2B buyers prefer a minimalistic and functional shopping experience, and the table view makes it easy to set up bulk orders that require a number of variations.

See the Table View in Action

Zoey has also recently launched a demo store, where you can see many of Zoey’s key features implemented on a live store, so you can see how they can be leveraged for your business. You can see the Table View in action on the demo store.

As always, you can also request a personalized walkthrough that can answer your questions about how Zoey can be used to improve your sales. Click the button below to request your demo:

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