Zoey Enhances Salesperson Tools for Better Order Attribution

One of Zoey’s strongest points is the ability to support multiple members of an organization, including salespeople. With our latest updates, we’ve rolled out a wave of new salesperson tools that helps with role creation, customer and order attribution, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the latest additions.

Salesperson as a Staff Account Role

Enable Sales Rep Capability on Staff Account

Salespeople can now be specifically flagged in the Staff Account creation and management part of My Account. For each staff account, you can identify them as a Sales Representative through a new dropdown. You also have the ability to decide if they can reassign who is already assigned as a Sales Rep on an account or order,

By tying into our existing Staff Account structure, merchants can leverage the same access level tools to decide what a given salesperson can see or access. This can include restrictions to only data from certain customers or customer groups, or access to certain sections of the Zoey administration area. You can manage Staff Accounts under My Account > Account Manager.

Assigning Sales Representatives by Default

For businesses that have sales reps that are assigned to the same accounts, and get credit for those accounts’ orders, we offer the ability for a sales rep to be set by default to customers and customer groups.

For Customer Groups, a new section has been added to the Customer Group management under Customers > Customer Groups which lets you assign a default salesperson to that customer group. For merchants that have set up customer groups with salespeople division in mind, you can now go a step further and assign a salesperson to by default be assigned to the customers and orders assigned to that Customer Group.

Customer Group Salesperson Assignment

For individual Customers, When you edit a customer from the grid at Customers > Customer List, you now have a new section under Account Information that lets you select the Sales Representative that is assigned to that customer.

Attach Sales Reps to Orders and Quotes

Where defaults aren’t assigned, or specific choices need to be made, when creating a new order internally a salesperson can now be assigned during the New Order creation and Quote creation/update process. The option “Change Sales Rep” has been added to the Information box of each of those screens.

Change Sales Rep New Order

For existing orders, a Sales Rep can be added or updated (when allowed) with the new blue “Change Sales Rep” button at the top of the screen.

Sales Rep Data Management

With this new data, we’ve added ways to view and manage the information. On the order grid, you can add the column Sales Rep to view the sales rep assigned to a given order. You can also now filter orders by a sales rep to see orders assigned to that rep.

Sales Rep Column in the Order Grid

Full order export will include the sales rep assignment information. To export, from the order grid select Bulk Actions > Export and click “Export Full Order Data”. Sales Rep information will be among the first columns visible in the downloads.

See How Zoey Can Support Salespeople

Zoey is designed to help salespeople efficiently connect with their customers and close more sales. Our team can show you how to leverage Zoey for success. Click the button below and fill out the form to speak with our team and see Zoey in action:

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