New Features, Apps and General Improvements: Part 1

New Zoey Features Blog Post Part 1

Over the past several weeks, part of our development team has been hard at work adding new features to the platform and cleaning up bugs. Many of these features and bug fixes are the direct result of merchant feedback. If you think that Zoey is missing a key feature, we encourage you to submit your idea to our feature request forum. We read every post and use your feedback to help structure our product development roadmap.

This post is part one of a two part series detailing these recent improvements. This post will cover new features that help you market your store, sell through multiple channels and control the overall shopping experience, as well as some updates to Zoey apps.  On Thursday, we’ll publish second part of this series, which focuses on updates to Zoey’s data import and export capabilities as well as improvements to store administration tools.

Shopping Experience, Ominichannel and Marketing Improvements

Shopping Cart Settings Update – You can now set up a “Delete Cart” button, which allows your shoppers to delete all the items in their cart at once. Learn more:

Shopping Cart Settings Addition – We’ve added a new Continue Shopping button to the list of available shopping cart settings. Continue Shopping includes additional logic that allows you to choose between three options: Go to Previous Page, Go to Homepage, or Go to Most Recently Added Product Page, allowing you to create an optimized shopping flow. Learn more:

Zoey Analytics Insights – This update adds a new feature to Zoey’s analytics that analyzes your store data to make prescriptive recommendations to improve sales, as well as other key metrics.

Abandoned Cart Report Bug Fix – We’ve fixed a bug so that the abandoned cart report now reflects the proper date.

Translate Google reCaptcha – You can now translate the default English “I am not a robot” text used in Google’s reCAPTCHA tool to any language Zoey supports. Learn more:

Order Email Update – You can now manually resend an order confirmation email for a specific order. Great for solving customer service issues. Learn more:

Product Image Email Setting – There’s a new setting that allows you to display product images in Order, Invoice and Shipping emails to give shoppers a richer experience. Learn more: 

Gift Card Improvement – You can now set up your gift cards so that shoppers can use them to pay for shipping and taxes. Learn more:

Currency Conversion Update – You can now schedule when currency exchange rates are imported to your Zoey store, ensuring you’re always displaying accurate pricing to shoppers. Learn more:

B2B Customer Attributes – Now Showing in Admin Order Creation Form – You can now add your custom B2B attributes on the admin order creation form, saving you time by streamlining data entry. Learn more:

Blog WYSIWYG Update – This update adds stability and other user experience improvements to the blog’s WYSIWYG editor. Learn more:

App Updates

Google Shopping Feed Update – You can schedule your Google Shopping Feed to automatically update at a time of your choosing, making this integration far more convenient to use. Learn more: 

M2E Update – M2E has been updated to the latest version and a bug where attributes created in Zoey would transfer over to M2E has been resolved.

Image Sitemaps Now Supported – Zoey now supports image sitemaps, which will help you improve your SEO. You can set up your image sitemap with Zoey’s XML Sitemap app. Learn more:

Rees46 App Launches – This new app is a full set of integrated marketing automation tools that help you with personalization, remarketing, abandoned cart and reviews to drive more sales. Learn more:

Facebook and Twitter Login – This new app lets your shoppers register for accounts using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, reducing friction around the signup process, resulting in more registrations. Learn more: 

Facebook Pixel – This app by Cadence Labs allows you to use Facebook’s tracking pixel with your Zoey store. Using this pixel allows you to track visitor events like viewing a product, adding a product to cart and making a purchase for use in Facebook advertising campaigns. Learn more:

That’s it for this post. Be sure to check back on Thursday for information about other improvements we’ve made to Zoey.

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