Push and Pull Data via Dropbox: Zoey August/September 2022 Updates

Zoey recent updates

For many B2B businesses, data oftentimes comes and goes through multiple systems and people. Getting this data around can take many forms, from API connections to file uploads and downloads.

To optimize the data management experience, Zoey offers a variety of data import/export capabilities, including our Data Mapper. Our tool allows connection to a growing variety of file storage locations, such as FTP/SFTP and direct to email. Now, with recent updates, we’ve added Dropbox.

We’re also expanding what is possible with the data mapper, including now the ability to import shipping and tracking data, as well as mark orders as shipped, through files imported through the Data Mapper.

You can now specify a date range for the data you wish to export, and have the ability to preview the data that will be downloaded before actually performing the export.

Other Data Mapper updates include:

  • The Data Mapper can now flag if a coupon code is present on an order. It can also flag if order comments exist.
  • Advanced filters were added to the Data Mapper. For example, product attributes can be used as advanced filters. Exports can be set to only export orders once, even when advanced filters are in use, to avoid duplication of a given order from being downloaded.
  • Data Mappers for Orders and Order Items can be previewed or exported from the order grid. Users can select from a direct download, email, or data mapper connection to export the data.

Direct Integration (QuickBooks Online and NetSuite) Updates

Alongside our Data Mapper, we have direct integrations to platforms like QuickBooks Online and NetSuite, with these connectors getting updated regularly with new features and enhanced functionality. Recent updates to our connectors include:

  • Order grid mass actions now has NetSuite and QuickBooks column options, with a wider space for the mass action box to allow for more to fit. The order grid notification bar for both were removed. Order grid mass actions were also moved into their own section with these changes.
  • UI updates were made for using Zoey accounts as QuickBooks sub-customers.
  • Item customizations are now allowed on QuickBooks invoice items.
  • UI and core requirements were implemented for assigning customer groups to specific NetSuite customer IDs.
  • Item and Item Inventory Location UI fields were added for the NetSuite integration.
  • The NetSuite integration can be configured to only import certain contacts when marked on a custom field, to avoid importing contacts not required for Ecommerce.
  • NetSuite contacts can now be filtered by role ID on the data mapper.
  • Order Grid updates have been made to show updates for orders not synced to NetSuite. Comments are added when an order is ignored, or synced manually.
  • NetSuite connector now logs the last refresh date/time, and who did it.
  • Credit limit field view added for NetSuite.

API Updates

Finally, we have robust and modern APIs that allow for building of custom connections between systems. We also refine and enhance these regularly. Recent updates include:

  • API support for store credit was added.
  • API support for edit order was added. The original order is cancelled and a new order is generated when this process is performed.
  • API support to set and update customer group quantity increments has been added.
  • You can now update packaging settings for products via the API.
  • Bill Create/Read/Update/Delete support has been added to the API.
  • Improvements have been made to error handling when there are issues adding a product.

Other Zoey Updates

  • Visual updates have been implemented, which include a new header top links component, new account and cart icons, changing category product filter X to be an icon instead of text, adding category product list settings for each grid state, and hiding the text and button on the mobile slide if the slideshow slide has a specific mobile image.
  • The new order email now has order history comments available as an option to display within the email.
  • The new order email template can now display row discounts and totals. Row discounts have also been added to checkout display as an option.
  • Sales rep information was added to multiple grids: Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo.
  • Account List and account export now displays accounts’ last order date. Account List filters let you filter by last order date.
  • PDF settings were updated to offer separate show/hide options for billing and shipping addresses, as well as shipping and payment methods.
  • When exporting Quotes, a created by field can now be included.
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