Zoey iOS App Updates for August/September 2022

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Offline mode is one of the core features of the Zoey App, making it easier to work anytime, anywhere on any device. But until recently we never called it Offline Mode.

That’s been remedied in the latest updates to our iOS version of the Zoey App. Auto Sync has been renamed Offline Mode. When Offline Mode is off, and connectivity solid, the Zoey App will maintain synchronization with the online Zoey store.

A pop-up will appear when connectivity is poor, suggesting enabling Offline Mode to increase working speed and load the correct online/offline data. When connectivity improves, a pop-up will appear suggesting disabling Offline Mode.

Aside from our recent launch of credit card payments via Stripe in the app, here are some other updates for the iOS version of the Zoey App in August and September:

  • The Products Display List Popover has been updated with scrolling behavior. In turn, it can now support larger iOS font sizing.
  • If items in the cart have been deleted from the store, it will now be highlighted in the cart to alert the user.
  • A new feature can automatically add items scanned by the barcode scanner to the cart. This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled in settings.
  • A search capability has now been added for the Cart, making it easier to find a product within the cart when you are building or managing a large order.
  • A custom sort capability has also been launched for the Cart, allowing the ability to override the default product sorting for the cart.

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