Better Search and Easier Cartwide Discount Management: iOS Updates for October/November 2022

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In recent weeks we’ve been rolling out a wave of new additions and updates to our Zoey App for iOS. These features continue our evolution of the app, both adding new functionality requested by our sellers, and revising existing capabilities to be more user friendly.

Here are some of the key additions and updates made during the fall of 2022.

Better Search Functionality

When many people search, they most value a match that starts with the component they put in more than it appearing somewhere in the middle of the produce name or data. For instance, if you’re trying to look up a product with a barcode that begins with “850,” items that begin with that 850 number would likely be more important than ones where it’s in the middle or end of the SKU.

So we’ve updated search to reflect this, and have also added a setting that can only show those results in attributes when the data begins with the same information with which you searched. If you leave it off, all matches will continue to show as originally designed, but will still sort with a more helpful prioritization of those that have a more direct match by beginning with that value. You can adjust that setting at Profile And Settings Screen -> Products List Settings > Search By Begins With.

Sometimes you also need to have access to certain product data easily, so on a products Product Details screen, you can click a data point to copy it to your phone’s clipboard for easier pasting in other applications.


When you are building large carts, simpler solutions for marking down items as you go can streamline your cart building process. With our new Markdowns tool, you can activate a markdown (either % or $) and as you add each item to the cart, it will automatically apply the markdown activated.

When you are done with a given markdown option, you can either disable it or change it to a different markdown for whatever you’ll be adding next. By doing it this way it can avoid having to manually mark an item down one by one in the cart at the end of the process. This is especially helpful when multiple items out of a batch will share the same markdown, but the entire cart won’t be marked down exactly the same.

To also help make sure margins are protected, an alert will show when the price, after any discounting, drops below a margin setting of your choice; this can be a helpful way to confirm product is not being overly discounted to the point of unprofitability.

Customer/Account Selection Improvements

A few other updates have been made around working with customers and accounts. If a mobile user/salesperson only has assigned to it one customer, that customer will be automatically selected upon creating a new Order, Quote or Draft. Otherwise, the starting process will begin with the selection of a Customer/Account.

When creating a new Order, the app can now also alert if a previous order that is in transit already has the item – this is an effective way to reduce the risk of duplicate ordering when it is not required.

Other Zoey App for iOS Updates

  • When syncing, the Orders and Quotes list will show a percentage progress indicator while syncing
  • You can now take actions like add products or access information while products are syncing.
  • Drafts/Quotes that have an offline cart pending to sync will open that cart instead of starting from scratch.
  • When enabled, Customer Group restrictions will also prevent editing the customers or accounts under those groups as well.
  • The ability to display inventory for multiple warehouses via a manual sync process is now available – this does not work with automatic inventory updates as an item is sold, for instance, and must be maintained by a separate manual sync process, such as via the APIs or Data Mapper.

Put Zoey App for iOS to Work for You

If you’re ready to deploy a robust mobile app that can empower your salespeople, delivery network and more to be productive, online or off, Zoey App for iOS could be your killer app opportunity. Talk to us to learn how we can support your business growth:

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