Refining Data Management and Logging Actions: Zoey October/November 2022 Updates

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Traditionally, the fourth quarter is a critical time for many businesses, both direct to consumer and B2B, albeit for differing reasons. As such, it’s a standard practice for Zoey to not release anything that impacts the core order capture and processing workflows.

Instead, we focus on refinements and incremental improvements that can support making certain capabilities possible, workflows better and data accessibility stronger.

So for October and November, you’ll see a lot of focus on our Data Mapper, data validation, and logging features, all of which helps our businesses better manage what’s going on and understand when steps were taken, all helpful during a busy period.

With that, here’s what we’ve been working on in October and November of 2022:

Data Mapper and Import/Export Updates

  • Order Created Date was added as an advanced filter for the Order/Order Item Data Mapper. Additional UI updates were deployed for the Data Mapper as well.
  • SFTP connection types can now specify Windows or UNIX. A flag can now remove unmapped columns to prevent errors.
  • New data mapper connection class added for true SFTP. The test connection now  checks server side to see if the connection can be tested.
  • Data Mapper export filters can be applied, even if the filter field is not included as an export field.
  • Dropbox Data Mapper File Uploads have been enabled.
  • You can now export an attribute’s data as a CSV.

Audit Log and Other Logging Updates

  • User login history is now displayed on the View User page.
  • Audit log capabilities have been added around adding, updating and removing team members.
  • Audit log will now record when a quote is created.
  • Sales Rep emails are now added to the account orders grid and the accompanying exportable report.
  • System order comments are now labeled “created by system” to be more clear where they came from. New comments were also initiated to record who converted a draft to an order when that action is performed. Order comment support was added for invoice, shipment and credit memo creation with commenter data.

Data Validation and Display Improvements

  • A method of overriding packaging rules for quantity increments has been implemented specifically for Admin Order/Quote create.
  • Minimum group quantities now only display when the setting is enabled. A tooltip was added to the product interface to be able to enable it via a link when the setting is turned off.
  • The information on the date Bill sent is now more precise, displaying the time as well.
  • Tax class validation was added to customer group creation on the API, to avoid issues down the line when orders are being created.
  • Account address validation upon save was implemented to prevent invalid addresses from being created and stored.
  • New validation confirms that a quote can’t be converted to an order multiple times by mistake.
  • Visual updates were made to our Bill Pay screen to improve the layout for your buyers.
  • Maximum total weight for a shipping option added, which hides shipping options when certain total weight thresholds are reached.
  • Quantity Backordered added as an attribute option for Sales PDFs.
  • When not logged in, the draft dropdown will be suppressed, as drafts are only for customers who are logged in (to enable the ability to save the draft).
  • REST API image saving has been better optimized when importing multiple images.
  • Account names are added to the New Accounts report.
  • Team users can now be set as mobile access only, eliminating Zoey Admin access.
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