Audible Alerts for Cart Updates, Sync Recovery: Zoey iOS Updates for December 2022 and January 2023

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Our Zoey iOS app is regularly updated with improvements and new features that facilitate day-to-day use of our app. Many of the updates are ideas that come from our customers directly, based on their consistent use of the Zoey app in the field.

Here are some of the recent updates made to the Zoey iOS App:

Sync Recovery

Sometimes a sync gets interrupted in the midst of a larger data download. With our Sync Recovery feature, it can now pick up from where the sync last successfully completed, even if the app crashed or was closed out in the middle of a Sync. This will make getting the latest data even easier than before, while ensuring that you don’t have to start a Sync from scratch if it’s interrupted.

New Distinctive Cart Sound Alerts

Some of our sellers use the app to create orders through processes such as barcode scanning, and audible alerts can assist with ensuring that things are going as expected. We have accordingly introduced three distinctive sound alerts that are used when the following actions occur:

  • An item not in the cart is added to the cart
  • An item already in the cart is added again
  • An item fails to be added to the cart

By having distinctive sounds for each scenario, it can help someone building a cart via the app have a way to spot potential issues at the time of the item being scanned for the cart.

New Filters for Orders, Quotes and Drafts

Filters for our Orders, Quotes and Drafts can make it easier to bring up the information you need more quickly. We’ve implemented two new filters that will help narrow down information quickly:

  • You can now filter Orders, Quotes and Drafts by Sales Rep. If there’s only one sales rep in the system, the dropdown to filter by sales rep will be hidden.
  • We have added the ability to filter Orders and Quotes by status.

Other iOS Feature Additions and Updates

  • The orders list and order screen now shows who the order was created by. The orders list now also shows the company name.
  • A warning will now display if working with an account that does not have a shipping or payment method available for orders.
  • Secondary barcode support has been added, allowing providing of additional barcodes, separated with a comma.
  • When deleting data in the app, a reason must be specified.
  • Account and customer creation is limited if not permitted.
  • A percentage synced indicator is now shown for more specific accuracy as a sync is in progress.
  • The catalog restriction switch now remembers your last choice and retains it until you change it. By default it follows permission settings from the Zoey Admin.
  • Customer Group cost is now implemented into Margin calculations.
  • SKU has now been added to the product sort features.
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