More Robust Audit Logs for Better Tracking of Changes: Zoey Updates for December 2022/January 2023

Zoey recent updates

Zoey has a comprehensive feature set to support a wide array of B2B Ecommerce requirements, but when larger teams are at work, it can sometimes be difficult to track when and how something goes wrong.

As part of our recent updates we’ve made continued improvements on being able to track such changes as part of our auditing logs. Here’s what we’ve launched in recent weeks as part of our ongoing Zoey evolution:

Additional Audit Log Availability

Over time we’ve been adding audit logs to make it easier to see when changes are made and by whom. Recent additions include:

  • Audit attributes have been added to the product import, as well as Customer Group Pricing and Tier Pricing audit abilities.
  • Auditing has been added for abandoned cart email and print actions.

Improved Data Access

Data Accessibility is a continued key tenet of Zoey, and we continue to enhance data importing and exporting functionality. This includes:

  • Up to 500 products can be updated at a time through the API, an improvement from the product by product approach required previously.
  • The ability to export Drafts is now available.
  • Team user CSV export is now available.

Zoey Integrations Support

Additional updates have been made to improve our existing NetSuite and QuickBooks Online integrations. These updates include:

  • Order item field mapping UI has been added to the NetSuite integration.
  • Product prices can now be imported from QuickBooks Online through the Zoey integration.
  • QuickBooks Locations (Departments) can now be assigned to QuickBooks Invoices.
  • A single QuickBooks customer is now used for guest orders.

Other Zoey Updates

  • Advanced filters can now be applied to products being exported through the Data Mapper options.
  • Mobile Users and Mobile API Role has been hidden from the grids in the Zoey Admin.
  • Our new Java Lava Theme has launched.
  • The Admin Order View header is now sticky.
  • Backorder support is now supported for inventory locations based on product backorder settings.
  • A “Follow Up to Order” email can now be setup to run X days after an Order is created.
  • The team user list can now be listed up to 200 at a time.
  • A default sales rep is assigned to a new account if the user permission is set to its own account.
  • You can now set permissions to stop certain team users from cancelling orders.
  • Billing and shipping addresses have been added to account columns and filters.
  • Spanish (Ecuador) language has been added to the front-end translation tools.
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