Quick Submit, Duplicate Cart Detection: Zoey App Updates for Summer 2023

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Summer has proven to be a productive period for our team, yielding a number of improvements and additions for our Zoey App for iOS. Two of our biggest updates will help your App users be more efficient by improving the ability for orders to be submitted faster, and avoiding duplicate carts that could yield duplicate orders.

With that in mind, here are the latest updates to the Zoey App for Summer, 2023:

Quick Submit Feature

A new Quick Submit feature allows users to submit orders quickly and move right on to the next order. Orders submitted with Quick Submit are synced in the background, and requires the app to be left open until the sync finishes. For Quick Submit to be available the following must be true:

  • Customer has valid Ship To/Bill To addresses
  • Cart has at least 1 valid Shipping and Payment option
  • No Order Attributes are required

Duplicate Cart Detection

A new feature will detect if multiple carts with the same products were created, to help ultimately avoid accidental creation of multiple orders for the same customer.

A cart will be considered a duplicate if it was made for the same Customer/Account/Location and features the same product IDs. It also looks to see that both were created within 24 hours of each other.

This will manifest in a couple of ways:

  • A warning will be shown on the Submit screen after pressing the Submit button if a cart is similar or the same to another existing cart.
  • A duplicate cart message will be shown on the Sales Screen list, under the Offline and Order tabs, if the cart is similar or the same as another cart.

Duplicate Cart Detection can be managed as a new setting under the Profile & Settings screen, so you can choose to enable or disable this feature.

Other Zoey App Updates

  • A number of design updates were made as part of our ongoing evolution of the Zoey App and recent CRM updates.
  • Split Orders support was added to the App.
  • The Contact Form no longer needs a double tab to move between items.
  • If an address is invalid when submitting an Order, it will give the App user the option to edit the address.
  • You can now delete Locations and Addresses directly from within the App.
  • Zoey’s free shipping method is now available in Offline Mode.
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