NetSuite Integration Gains Multiple Additions: Zoey Updates for June/July 2023

Zoey recent updates

Summer’s already half over, and for many it can be a time for vacation and stepping away from the desk more frequently. Here at Zoey, we have taken advantage of this opportunity to implement some important data management updates to smooth out and evolve how data moves from one system to another.

For our sellers, this should make for more options, and easier ways to work with data, as they return to the office for their next round of work. And in the case of our NetSuite integration, some of the most significant changes have happened in the last couple of months, continuing to strengthen what already is a powerful tool for those who need both Zoey and NetSuite to run their business.

With that in mind, here’s the latest updates for Zoey for June and July, 2023:

NetSuite Integration Improvements

One of our main areas of focus in recent months has been a number of improvements to our NetSuite integration. Over time, we continue to extend the ability to work with NetSuite more tightly, and with more options based on various business cases.

Here are some of the recent updates for our NetSuite integration:

  • We’ve added the ability to automatically assign a default shipping and payment method on the NetSuite Configuration page, speeding up Account setup.
  • Line items have been made available in the NetSuite integration for taxes and payment surcharges.
  • The Zoey Sales Rep can be assigned to the NetSuite Customer Sales Rep field, matched by name.
  • A primary currency can be set for a NetSuite customer based on the Zoey setting for Customer Group Currency Restriction.
  • You can set the Default Receivables Account for a NetSuite Customer based on the currency selection.
  • Account Attributes can now be mapped to the NetSuite Customer.
  • Customer Deposits now use Payment Method or Payment Option.
  • When a Customer Deposit is created, an order comment is added.
  • The button to resync a Customer Deposit has been updated.
  • A “Zero Tax” Tax Code has been added within Zoey to avoid a NetSuite override when not desired.
  • We now allow a Default Currency to be selected and incorporated into the Product Group Price Import.
  • Account attribute Sales Channel, when configured as a dropdown, can now map to the NetSuite Order Class field.
  • Region and Country IDs can be set to a custom field.
  • The ability to flag products to not perform an exchange rate against them has also been added.

Data Management Enhancements

While NetSuite got a lot of attention, so did other aspects of managing data within Zoey. Particular areas of focus included more control over certain actions taken (including when certain emails will fire, and what can be included within them), as well as more delimiter options for both importing and exporting CSVs with our Data Mapper tool.

  • Zoey has added support for UPS’ new REST API, as its previous SOAP API has been discontinued. An ability to download a debug log was also incorporated.
  • When scheduling a monthly action on the Data Mapper, you can now select which day of the month you wish the action to happen.
  • CSV Data Mapper files can now have its choice of delimiters for export. You can also set which delimiters to use when importing CSV files via the data mapper.
  • When importing Customers via CSV, a new column exists that can send a welcome email to the newly added Customers.
  • The Invoice Full Data Export now incorporates addresses. The list of invoices now has a filtering by state capability.
  • Billing automation has been updated with an option to only bill shipped items.
  • When creating and editing a contact, the Save button now has an optional checkbox to send an invite.
  • If text is placed into the comment field, it will now autosave.
  • A Pick List can now be added to the new order emails.
  • New settings have been implemented to allow the showing of Account Attributes on the Order Grid, PDFs and Order Creation.
  • If you add or edit an address during checkout, a checkbox will let you save it to your Address Book.
  • We’ve added support to Zoey’s REST API attribute endpoints for account and account_address type attributes.

Other Zoey Updates

  • Product pages can now display an estimated subtotal based on the quantity selected.
  • When issuing a Credit Memo, you can now issue credits for less than 1 Package of items when refunding only part of a Package in quantity.
  • With shipping table rates, the ability now exists to hide other shipping methods, and also to set a priority of which to display and/or process.
  • Order Update emails are now sent when comments and/or attachments are added via the front-end of the store.
  • The redirect URL has been changed when logging in during checkout.
  • Customizations as a product option have now been added to both Bundled and Grouped Products.
  • Support for the USPS Ground Advantage shipping option has been incorporated into Zoey.
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