Zoey Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Now Available for iOS App

Back in March we announced the launch of the Zoey Customer Relationship Management (CRM) toolkit, a new set of features laser-focused on what B2B businesses need to track leads and opportunities.

We’re pleased to announce that our CRM functionality has now been rolled out as part of our latest Zoey iOS App updates!

This release, which brings feature parity with our previously-launched Zoey Admin CRM toolkit, allows your sales team to manage inbound Opportunities and outbound Leads through additional functionality in the App:

  • You can track both Lead and Opportunity flows, add notes and information through custom fields of your choosing for the data you need to manage.
  • Both Leads and Opportunities can be converted to Accounts when they are ready to begin placing orders, saving your team time during the sales process to get them established.
  • You’re able to manage Negotiated Pricing, show only specific Products, establish Net Terms, and link multiple Contacts together as you work to establish a sales relationship with a potential customer. All of this information carries over when converting to an Account.
  • You can set up Self-Service tools for your buyers to manage key information on their own, reducing the time requirements on your sales team for basic Account updates.

All of these features are available immediately to all Zoey App for iOS customers on version 3.41 or higher. If your team is on an earlier version of the app, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest version so you don’t miss out on the latest and greatest features of the Zoey App.

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