Save The Date: Tax Compliance for Ecommerce Sellers Webinar with Avalara

Due to expanding economic nexus laws and a striking increase in online sales, many businesses are reassessing their online sales strategy to determine if they have the right tools in place. It’s a given that your ecommerce stack should support expansion and allow the easy addition of new products and customers via new sales channels, but another key area to consider is how your digital commerce solution supports sales tax compliance. 

During this webinar, our tax expert partners from Avalara will provide valuable information to help you understand sales tax considerations and what your ecommerce platform should be capable of to ensure compliance.  We’ll cover:

  • Tax rates and geolocation
  • Product taxability
  • Selling across state and international lines
  • Managing exempt sales
  • Selling through multiple channels
  • Product returns

Date: June 10, 2021 @ 2pm ET

Duration: 1 hour

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