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Ways to Manage Net Terms Invoices and Payments

Net Terms is a helpful part of a B2B Commerce business’ payment toolkit. It’s a buy now, pay later format that lets a business effectively extend credit to their customers. There’s a few ways this process can be managed. Each have their pros and cons, and in this article we’ll …

4 Ways to Make B2B Commerce More Efficient

If you’re still sitting on the sidelines of the B2B commerce revolution, you’re missing out on a variety of benefits that come from leveraging an order portal, mobile app and web-based admin provided by solutions like Zoey. But don’t take our word for it – in one of our latest …

Zoey’s Customers See the Continual Improvement in our Solution

Solutions can come and go periodically in the commerce space, so it can be difficult once treading beyond a couple of the most popular names to know whether a platform is going to be there for you in the future. The history of the company and its current customer portfolio …

Prepare Yourself and Your Customers for Holiday Shipping Deadlines

If your B2B commerce business has a direct to consumer component, you face shipping deadlines routinely, but holiday shipping deadlines are among the most challenging to navigate. Each year 40 percent of online holiday shopping is completed in the last 10 days before the deadline for guaranteed holiday delivery, and …

Navigating Sales Tax Compliance Continues to Get Trickier for B2B Commerce

There are many ways to establish sales tax obligations and each state determines its own rules. If you have a storefront, inventory storage, a warehouse, employees, or other physical presence in a state, you may have nexus.  And even in states where you don’t have a physical presence, you can create nexus …

How Do You Know a Solution’s Support is Strong? Ask Their Customers

When you’re selecting a solution to power eCommerce, order management, salesperson capabilities and more, a key differentiator can be the quality of the support. But how do you know the support is really as strong as companies say? One way is to review the feedback of those who are customers. …

How Zoey Supports Your Business Every Step of the Way

Our customers tell us that support is a critical aspect of who they choose for an eCommerce and order management provider, and our customers have said time and again that Zoey support is superior. You don’t have to take our word for it; our recent FeaturedCustomers and SoftwareReviews awards are …

Simplify Managing Product Data with Vesta

For distributors and wholesalers, managing product data sharing along the chain from your vendors and through to your customers, and onto your Zoey site can be a time consuming challenge.  Vesta can help, eliminating up to 90% of the manual work involved with managing product data. Vesta does this through …

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