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Evaluating B2B Commerce Solutions: Advanced Requirements

Most B2B Commerce solutions have basic, table stakes features that are necessary to transact online today. But how far they go beyond that can make the difference if your business relies on certain business logic rules or requirements. As such, it helps to look at the sorts of advanced functionality …

Two B2B eCommerce End Users: Your Customers and Your Employees

B2B eCommerce has a somewhat unique challenge relative to other platforms, in that it needs to serve two completely different sets of users at the exact same time. The most obvious is your buyers – the ones that will place self-service orders online. But equally important, but perhaps not as …

B2B eCommerce Trends: 5 Key Aspects to Modern Wholesale Sales

A number of B2B eCommerce trends have been reinforced in recent years as more businesses continue to adapt to electronic ordering opportunities. Some have been fearful of online commerce, but those fears are largely misplaced. If you’re still looking into your options, here’s a few areas you shouldn’t ignore: Self-Service …

B2B Wholesale: The Importance of Integrating eCommerce to Other Systems

If you’re a B2B wholesale business, you likely have a variety of systems that help power your business. eCommerce is one part of a whole, and so integrating with other systems can be an important benefit. Integrations can take many forms. First party integrations are built by the solution; Zoey …

Increase Wholesale Sales: 5 Ideas for Growing Your Business

Most B2B businesses want to increase wholesale sales. The tools to do so are improving rapidly! So are B2B eCommerce sales; Grand View Research forecasts 18.7% compound annual growth in the coming years. To make the most of them, you should leverage best in practice capabilities to strengthen your sales …

Wholesale Platform: What Off the Shelf Solutions Can Provide

Thanks to the efforts of B2B eCommerce solutions providers, buying a Wholesale Platform isn’t as fraught with risk as it used to be. Sure, you need to ensure the platform can support your business requirements, but they are more and more likely to be able to do so. Companies like …

Order and Invoice Management: Ways to Manage Buy Now Pay Later Sales

When it comes to Order and Invoice Management of B2B sales for brands, wholesalers and distributors, there are a variety of ways to manage the scenario of Buy Now Pay Later orders, such as Net Terms. Each has their pros and cons, so it’s important to understand the differences and …

B2B eCommerce Platform: 5 Reasons to Make the Jump Today

If you’re a brand, distributor or wholesaler and have been holding back on looking into B2B eCommerce Platform options, it may be time to reconsider that decision. The pandemic accelerated migration to online purchasing for many individuals and businesses, but it was a trend that was already well underway prior …

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