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How Good is the Support of Your B2B & Wholesale Order Solution?

When it comes to the solution you select to be the hub of your sales activities, knowing that you have support that backs up your purchase is critical. This is important regardless of whether you select an open source or SaaS-based solution, because it’s inevitable that questions will crop up, …

Evaluating B2B Commerce Solutions: Buyer-Specific Features

Technology and solutions for B2B and wholesale eCommerce businesses continue to rapidly evolve. As such it can be difficult to know what’s available off the shelf to strengthen your business and make it effective for all your stakeholders.

Maintaining a Personal Sales Touch While Social Distancing

With recommendations to socially distance right now, many businesses are attempting to adapt to what is the normal for now: Keeping distance from other people, while maintaining sales and business operations.

Leveraging an Order Portal for Internal Customers

Many businesses with a retail network or franchises have a variety of scenarios to manage. The primary one relates to ensuring goods are in the right place to sell to the end consumer at the right time. Beyond that, there’s secondary pieces that are needed to be managed to keep …

Questions to Ask Yourself When Launching an Online Wholesale Channel

Increasingly, companies are leveraging online technologies to establish an online wholesale channel for distributors and retailers, among others. But many companies are tackling this for the first time, and so here at Zoey we see a lot of common threads in the process to establishing this way of capturing orders …

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Many businesses who capture orders through a wholesale or distribution business still haven’t activated an online solution. And many of those who have took advantage of solutions available at the time, which are primitive compared to what are available today.

How An Online Sales Portal Can Help You Grow Wholesale Sales in 2020

If your company sells to distributors, retailers or other businesses, you probably have encountered your share of orders taken via phone, email or in person. However, B2B and wholesale business has been slowly and steadily making its way online – the efficiencies and cost savings are hard to ignore, but …

WHITEPAPER: 5 Ways Growth Complicates Sales Tax

For companies with aggressive growth goals, managing sales tax can be a challenge. While you’re working to get more customers, more sales, or more products into market, you’re also creating more tax liability.

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