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Ways to Offer B2B/Wholesale Buyers a Self-Service Ordering Experience

Things Self-Service Solutions Should Have Before we review the core ways to offer that self-service experience, there’s a number of things a self-service solution should have to reinforce the ability for buyers to work on their own. Many of these will look familiar to B2C shoppers, as it’s what empowers …

Avalara Webinar: Get ahead of 2021 sales tax changes

COVID-19 greatly impacted sales and use tax in 2020, from temporary relief efforts to long-term changes, including a crackdown on remote seller tax compliance, rate increases, and new taxation policies. As 2021 kicks off, now is the best time to revisit those changes, and get ahead of new legislation coming …

Milkhouse Candle Co. migrates B2B sales to existing Zoey B2C account, with major gains

If you’re managing both wholesale/B2B and B2C sales, there are a variety of ways to operate. You can select a solution for each arm of the business and run each workflow separately. Or, using a tool like Zoey, you can manage both the B2B and B2C order placement and management …

Managing Multiple Vendors in an Order Portal System

One way B2B commerce solutions are leveraged is to manage orders that are then fulfilled by multiple vendor partners. For some, a full-blown marketplace solution may be overbuilt for what they need to do, which is simply pass along orders to various vendors for fulfillment, and then receive back shipping …

Get Your FREE Copy of the Updated for 2021 B2B Commerce Checklist

Among the things that the year 2020 brought to light, it’s the power of online B2B Commerce and the ability for businesses to maintain, and even grow, their business through online means. But there are still a lot of B2B businesses not online, and others who are using outdated solutions. …

Ways to Manage Net Terms Invoices and Payments

Net Terms, also known as Buy Now Pay Later, is a helpful part of a B2B Commerce business’ payment toolkit. It’s a buy now, pay later format that lets a business effectively extend credit to their customers. There’s a few ways this process can be managed. Each have their pros …

4 Ways to Make B2B Commerce More Efficient

If you’re still sitting on the sidelines of the B2B commerce revolution, you’re missing out on a variety of benefits that come from leveraging an order portal, mobile app and web-based admin provided by solutions like Zoey. But don’t take our word for it – in one of our latest …

Zoey’s Customers See the Continual Improvement in our Solution

Solutions can come and go periodically in the commerce space, so it can be difficult once treading beyond a couple of the most popular names to know whether a platform is going to be there for you in the future. The history of the company and its current customer portfolio …

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