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How Do You Know a Solution’s Support is Strong? Ask Their Customers

When you’re selecting a solution to power eCommerce, order management, salesperson capabilities and more, a key differentiator can be the quality of the support. But how do you know the support is really as strong as companies say? One way is to review the feedback of those who are customers. …

How Zoey Supports Your Business Every Step of the Way

Our customers tell us that support is a critical aspect of who they choose for an eCommerce and order management provider, and our customers have said time and again that Zoey support is superior. You don’t have to take our word for it; our recent FeaturedCustomers and SoftwareReviews awards are …

Simplify Managing Product Data with Vesta

For distributors and wholesalers, managing product data sharing along the chain from your vendors and through to your customers, and onto your Zoey site can be a time consuming challenge.  Vesta can help, eliminating up to 90% of the manual work involved with managing product data. Vesta does this through …

3 Ways SaaS eCommerce Can Provide Your Business Superior Support

One of the longstanding choices when choosing technology for online B2B eCommerce and order management is selecting between an Open Source platform and a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.  While we’ve talked about the general differences previously on our blog, a major aspect that differs between the two approaches is the support …

From Manual to Automated: Moving to an Online Wholesale Order Portal

If you’re selling products wholesale to distributors or businesses, and you are taking orders manually today, you’re missing out on an opportunity to migrate to more efficient technology that can automate some tasks and simplify others. With that time and energy saved, you can invest in acquiring more customers and …

How Good is the Support of Your B2B & Wholesale Order Solution?

When it comes to the solution you select to be the hub of your sales activities, knowing that you have support that backs up your purchase is critical. This is important regardless of whether you select an open source or SaaS-based solution, because it’s inevitable that questions will crop up, …

Evaluating B2B Commerce Solutions: Buyer-Specific Features

Technology and solutions for B2B and wholesale eCommerce businesses continue to rapidly evolve. As such it can be difficult to know what’s available off the shelf to strengthen your business and make it effective for all your stakeholders.

Maintaining a Personal Sales Touch While Social Distancing

With recommendations to socially distance right now, many businesses are attempting to adapt to what is the normal for now: Keeping distance from other people, while maintaining sales and business operations.

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