Store Credit Refund Option for Zoey Customers

new payments/billing system for Zoey Admin

As part of our ongoing expansion and revision of our Billing options, Zoey has this month introduced a Store Credit option as a new way of issuing a refund to a buyer’s account. Store Credit expands the flexibility for our sellers of how they manage orders that are returned or cancelled.

The Store Credit feature allows you to generate a credit for future use inside Zoey, adding the Store Credit to the account instead of refunding via credit card or other payment option.

How the Store Credit Option Works

When a buyer places a Web order on an account that has Store Credit banked, the Store Credit will be leveraged first, before requiring any other form of payment. If the Store Credit covers the entirety of the new purchase, no other payment information will be required, but for orders where Store Credit only covers a portion of the new order total, the standard array of payment options can be displayed for covering the remainder of the order.

A buyer can still place an order that requires a Purchase Order and leverage Store Credit for that purchase, to ensure all information continues to align for both parties.

For orders placed in the Zoey Admin, it gives the option of applying a Store Credit, in the same area where discounts and gift cards can also be applied. Admin users can decide whether to apply the Store Credit for a given order or not, allowing for more flexibility for orders created internally by your team.

At this time, iOS orders placed via the Zoey App cannot apply Store Credit, so any orders being created to utilize Store Credit will need to be placed via the Zoey Web or Admin. Zoey App support will be added at some point in the future.

See the Store Credit Capabilities in Action

If you haven’t signed on to use Zoey for your day-to-day operations yet, now’s a great time to get a customized demo of what Zoey’s B2B commerce capabilities can do for your business. Just click the button below to request your demo:

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