5 Simple Improvements to Create a Superior Online Store

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The world of Ecommerce is always evolving. Little more than a decade ago, the idea of shopping online was still a foreign concept to many consumers. Today, it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t make purchases on the Internet. As Ecommerce has gained popularity and mainstream acceptance, the competition among online retailers has increased exponentially. A lot of the original benefits that Ecommerce had to offer – such as the convenience of shopping from home – are now common and expected. To remain competitive, businesses need to go further with their Ecommerce efforts.

One of the most important, effective ways of gaining a competitive advantage today is by developing a superior online store and website. As Business 2 Community contributor Rolando Herrera wrote, relatively simple improvements here can lead directly to more business.

5 Website Improvements for a Superior Online Store

Herrera highlighted a variety of website improvements that online retailers should consider embracing for their websites and stores in order to deliver a more satisfying and smoother experience for shoppers. Among his most noteworthy suggestions were:

1. Simplify navigation

Now that Ecommerce has become so common and widespread, many consumers will not have much patience when visiting a new online store. If the website is confusing to navigate, they’ll become frustrated and leave, or overlook products they would otherwise be interested in. Herrera recommended that business leaders build an Ecommerce experience that includes large drop-down menus and intuitive links and buttons. 

2. Prioritize search

It’s not enough to have a search function – your online store needs to feature a prominent, easy-to-use search bar, according to the writer. 

3. Embrace imagery

Herrera emphasized that original, high-quality photos will make both your products and your brand have a more positive impact on your site visitors.

4. Feature product reviews

The writer pointed to a report from Social Media Today which found that nearly two-thirds of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the site features reviews and ratings. Plus, customer reviews can have a positive influence on search engine optimization.

5. Display shipping info

Here’s another topic we discussed in a previous blog. Herrera noted that when Ecommerce websites do not make this information readily available, they tend to experience an above-average shopping cart abandonment rate.

Taken together, all of these details can add up to make a big difference in the overall experience enjoyed by online shoppers. And as the Ecommerce sector as a whole continues to evolve and expand, the pressure that businesses face to abide by these best practices will only increase. After all, if a consumer is disappointed by the layout, navigation and design of a given online store, he or she can turn to a competitor’s website in a matter of seconds.

Improve Your Online Store with Zoey

Of course, making all of these changes to an existing online store is easier said than done. In fact, in many cases, it’s simply impossible, given the existing Ecommerce platform.

This is because many businesses make their first forays into the world of online retail by using an entry-level Ecommerce solution. Such a platform will cover the necessities, but it won’t enable retailers to truly customize the online store’s layout, display or navigation without hiring a developer to write custom code for you – something that can inhibit the speed and extent to which you can make the improvements you desire.

To enjoy this level of modification, and to embrace the strategies and steps outlined by Herrera, business owners need to look for Ecommerce platforms that provide a high degree of flexibility and customization, paired with tools that are easy for anyone to use.

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