Webinar Recording: No Investment, Just Refunds on Shipping

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If you’re an online business, you’re very likely shipping products to a lot of people in a lot of places. But even if your customers are happy with the timing and speed of the shipping, you may be missing out on money owed to you. Carriers like FedEx and UPS make guarantees as to when they will deliver a package based on the type of delivery accepted. If they’re even one minute past the guarantee, they can owe you a refund.

The process of auditing your shipping to get refunds can be time consuming, but thankfully there’s tools like 71lbs to help you audit and claim the refunds you’re owed. Once they get a sense of your shipping patterns, there may be other ways you can save as well! With no set-up or upfront costs, the service only charges you when they help you claim a refund.

Check out this short, 30-minute webinar featuring the 71lbs team as they explain how you can benefit.

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