WEBINAR RECORDING: Draft Orders and Request a Quote for B2B Sales Growth


For many B2B businesses, pricing isn’t a cut and dried experience. Many factors can weigh in on pricing, and as such displaying a public price on a website may not be advantageous. In other cases, a pricing formula may be proprietary information and a well-kept secret from competitors. So many B2B and wholesale businesses with a public catalog will opt to require a log-in or registration to see pricing.

But this can make it harder for potential customers to understanding what pricing would look like ordering from those businesses, and registering for a site they may not ultimately buy from can feel onerous.

Tools like Request a Quote bridge the gap by allowing a potential customer to be able to submit a draft order of what they’re interested in buying, and get a customized quote based on their order size.

Our recent merchant webinar offered a tour of Zoey’s Request a quote capabilities, and how to employ them to drive more sales, both from potential customers and existing customers alike. 

Our Request a Quote webinar is part of a series of 20 Merchant Webinars we’ve produced to help merchants save money, sell more or become more efficient. Check out the entire set of webinar videos, as well as upcoming sessions, here:

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