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Avalara tax law 2020 omnichannel

2020 Sales Tax Update for Omnichannel Retail

More than 40 states and Washington, D.C. have adopted “economic nexus” and “marketplace nexus” policies. In this webinar, we covered an overview of the sales and local tax landscape for Omnichannel retailers; leveraging software for streamlined sales & use tax calculation, returns, and certificate management; and how your business may qualify for free services for determination & filing.

Changing Sales Tax Nexus Rules: What They Mean for You in 2019

Understanding where your company has sales tax responsibility is dictated by nexus rules that have changed significantly over the last year. Learn how the recent economic nexus ruling (South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.) impacts you; why it makes sense to leverage software for streamlined sales & use tax calculation, returns, and certificate management; and Avalara and Zoey’s solution to simplify compliance.
Four Shipping Myths for the Modern eCommerce Business

4 Shipping Myths for the Modern eCommerce Business

Shipping costs can make up between 3-10% of your overall revenue, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 71lbs founder and CEO Jose Li breaks down common myths when it comes to optimizing your shipping spend, including the truth about late delivery refunds, shipping agreement waivers, parcel protection and chargebacks.

How Successful Ecommerce Leaders Profit From Data

Once you start capturing important eCommerce data, how do you best leverage it for success? Mark Miano, of Zoey analytics partner Glew, shared important information on how to interpret the data you’re getting, the metrics that matter for your type of business, and getting the best results based on what your customers are doing.

Understanding Sales Tax after the Wayfair/South Dakota Ruling

The recent Supreme Court ruling means the potential for many changes in tax nexus and collection. But does it affect you? Learn the sales tax basics, sales tax tips for online sellers, how to find where you need to collect (economic & physical nexus), and how TaxJar can help you manage your sales tax.

Draft Orders and Request a Quote for B2B Sales Growth

Zoey’s recently-launched Request a Quote feature allows merchants to acquire new customers and encourage more orders from existing ones. Join this webinar to learn how draft orders and quotes works, what Zoey’s Request a Quote feature offers, and how you can drive additional business using the feature.

Using Content Marketing to Target New B2B Customers

Content marketing is a strong way to drive new business and attract potential customers. But how to start? Zoey and Hawke Media will teach you how content marketing can more effectively target new customers, three primary aspects of content marketing, the value of content formats, and the state of content marketing.

Boosting B2B and Wholesale Sales With Net Terms

Many B2B and wholesale businesses offer net terms as a way to manage purchases with trusted customers. Zoey partner Rumbleship covered how offering terms can boost sales for merchants, how Rumbleship can help businesses with cash flow, and ow financing can take pressure off collections.

Making the Most of Glew Analytics, Part II

Since Glew’s launch, we’ve been hearing from merchants about what they’d like to see reviewed, and we cover it here. Learn about what’s available in each screen, how to create segments of customers, products, order and more, and reporting capabilities, including how to save your favorite reports.

Making the Most of Glew Analytics, Part I

With the launch of Glew Analytics on Zoey, we want to help you make the most of its powerful capabilities! Watch to learn what reporting Glew provides merchants, how Glew compares to the old Zoey Analytics, and Tips and tricks for using insights to improve your business.

No Investment; Just Refunds from FedEx and UPS

Reduce your shipping costs and better understand your shipping expenses. Join Zoey partner 71lbs to learn how to save money on late deliveries, lost or damaged packages, invoice errors; understand complicated shipping costs and fees; and gain insight into your shipping spend.

Visual Design Editor Enhancements

Zoey’s upgraded Visual Design Editor is one of the biggest releases in our history. Learn how upgraded interfaces simplify day-to-day tasks, new features expands the design editor’s capabilities, and additional blocks create infinite combinations for unique designs.

Google AdWords for eCommerce

Zoey and JLB Florida (formerly Rand Marketing) covered the basics of a Google Adwords campaign, how to optimize your online sales, optimizing product pages to drive conversions and other techniques to get a great ROI.

Optimizing Payments in Checkout – Quick Wins before the Holidays

Out of the box, Zoey offers a complete set of excellent payment options. But what happens next? In this webinar, led Rob Long, of PayPal, we discussed PayPal’s latest data about optimizing checkout for mobile and web; how, when and why to leverage alternative payment methods; and a checklist of quick changes you can implement today to increase conversions before the holidays.

Getting Ready for the Holidays Bootcamp

In this webinar, Zoey partner InsightIn Digital discussed how to prepare your store for the holidays, particularly around email marketing. This included email list growing, curating and segmenting emails, landing page building for social and advertising, and modifying your store for the right CTA.

Solutions for Shipping Challenges

Zoey partner ShipperHQ covers some of the complicated shipping challenges: Increasing conversion/decreasing cart abandonment, eliminating unexpected undercharges, and presenting customers with additional options & promotions, and how ShipperHQ can help solve these problems.

Sales Tax Boot Camp for Zoey Merchants

Finally put a lid on the hassle of eCommerce sales tax. Learn sales tax basics for eCommerce sellers, how to save hours reporting and filing sales tax and how TaxJar has your back.

Onsite Ecommerce SEO Tips with Infront Webworks

Looking for actionable onsite SEO tips for improving your search engine placement and growing your ecommerce sales? We covered 2017 Search Engine Ranking factors, best practices for optimizing your ecommerce website and more SEO Tips and Trends!

SEO Tips with Rand Marketing

Want to improve your rankings in Google and other search engines? In this webinar we covered optimizing your Products and Categories, building strong backlinks, important SEO tips and trends and more!

Zoey Design Tools Webinar

Introducing Zoey Visual Design Editor V3

Get a preview of the upcoming enhanced Visual Design Editor: See new Blocks to facilitate improving your store, revamped CMS capabilities that simplify editing content, admin controls that make restricting access easier and more!


Simplify Shipping with ShipStation

As your sales grow, so does your need to optimize your shipping process. In this webinar we’ll cover areas of opportunity for streamlining shipping, ways to get a better shipping rate, and how ShipStation can help with both!

Boost Checkout Conversions with Addressy

Need help increasing checkout conversion? We’ve got it covered in this webinar. Learn how to create an amazing checkout experience, optimize your online forms and gain world-class data quality!

StoreYa Traffic Booster Webinar

Automated Marketing to Build Traffic

Ready to start bringing more traffic to your site, but don’t know how? This 30-minute webinar can help explain how traffic can be generated and introduce the StoreYa Traffic Booster. Learn how personalized automated marketing can generate more potential customers!

Trust Guard and PageSeal Webinar

Security Presentation

This 1-hour webinar starts with an overview on how Zoey keeps your store safe. Trust Guard discusses their site scanning and PCI compliance tools to assure your customers. Finally, PageSeal looks at browser security and how malware and third-party tools can interrupt customers on your site.

71lbs Webinar

Shipping Refunds with 71 Lbs.

This 30-minute webinar teaches you how to ensure you get paid for shipping mistakes. Learn about shipping guarantees and refunds, and discover how 71 lbs can assist in this process. With a few minutes and a free account, you can get started!

Currency Conversion

Transacting in multiple currencies? This 30-minute webinar can help you. Learn the basics of currency conversion, understand how timing can affect your bottom line, and get ann introduction to Currencies Conversion, which can save you money.

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