Zoey-built NetSuite Connector Now Available

NetSuite Zoey integration blog post

NetSuite is one of the most popular cloud-based business software platforms on the market. Its robust feature set includes accounting, ERP and CRM capabilities.

However, a single solution can rarely do everything that a business needs it to do well, and we speak to NetSuite customers all the time who like NetSuite as a whole but want a stronger, more robust B2B Commerce experience for themselves and their customers.

NetSuite integration data flows

To facilitate the use of Zoey for this purpose, we’ve launched an internally-built NetSuite connector that will make it easier for NetSuite users to leverage Zoey to improve and increase their online sales, while taking advantage of all the capabilities NetSuite has to offer for other parts of their business.

Zoey’s NetSuite integration handles communication between the platforms as it pertains to:

  • Accounts/Customers: Two-way management of Accounts (mapped to NetSuite Customers) and Customers (mapped to NetSuite Contacts), along with settings around areas such as Net Terms.
  • Products: Products created in both systems can be connected to allow pricing and inventory synchronization from NetSuite to Zoey, as well as the mapping of custom fields. 
  • Orders: Two-day synchronization of orders, so they’ll exist in both solutions. Order Items, Discounts, Shipping Method & Cost, Payment Method and Tax will be included in the Order Sync. Guest orders can be mapped as new NetSuite Contacts or all grouped under a single contact.
  • Shipping & Payment: Shipping and payment steps captured in either solution will lead to an update in the other, keeping both up to date in terms of the information, and ensuring buyers logging in will see the latest information in their Zoey dashboard.
  • Credit Memos/Refunds and Cancellations: You can cancel orders and refund orders in either platform and have it marked accordingly in the other. If done in NetSuite, Zoey’s Credit Memo email can be fired to alert a buyer.
  • Order Attributes: You can sync Zoey Order Attributes such as Comments, Shipment Dates or other custom attributes to NetSuite, with edits on the Zoey side updated to NetSuite once a day at a time you elect.

The integration will continue to evolve and improve over time, just like Zoey as a whole, and is included at no additional charge for anyone on Zoey’s Advanced plan. Existing Zoey customers can open a ticket to inquire about the integration.

If you haven’t checked out Zoey yet, you can request a conversation with our Success Team:

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