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Handshake B2B Ecommerce end of life

If you’re a user of the Handshake B2B Ecommerce platform, what was once presumed to be the Shopify B2B app, you may be wondering where to go from here now that Shopify has officially announced the end of life for the platform. When looking for Handshake alternatives, where should you turn? 

We’re confident your next online home should be with us here at Zoey, to both grow your business and achieve better productivity.

In today’s post we’ll discuss how things got to this point, and how Zoey can keep your business moving in the right direction.

A Quick History of Handshake’s Woes

Since Shopify purchased Handshake in 2019, it’s been clear that its days are numbered: Shopify stopped onboarding new customers, outsourced customer service and stopped making any updates or additions.

But in late February, Shopify confirmed that the mobile app will be officially end of life as of June 30, 2021, and the web platform as of December 31, 2021, meaning all existing customers will have to vacate the platform by then.

In the intervening two years since Shopify acquired Handshake, they’ve been hard at work on adding B2B capabilities to Shopify Plus, their enterprise offering, but they have not committed to offering key capabilities like a mobile app for the sales team, which many Handshake customers have relied on. This has led many of their customers to seek Handshake alternatives.

How Zoey Can Help

Like Handshake, Zoey has both a web component for customers to place orders and an app component for the sales team to take orders on your clients’ behalf. 

However, Zoey supports not just order portal capabilities, but public-facing websites (or a combination of both if that is what your business needs). So regardless of use case, we can get you what you need.

Our sales process includes an onboarding component to help you get up and running quickly and with minimal difficulty – we train you and walk you through how to leverage Zoey’s capabilities to accomplish your business requirements, set up your catalog and pricing, and so forth. If you need outside help to take this work on for you, we can connect you with trusted partners, but most of our customers are able to successfully navigate this with our help.

Features of our B2B Ecommerce Platform

Zoey includes core B2B Commerce capabilities such as Net Terms, Invoicing/Billing, Sales Quotes/Draft Orders and Multi-Buyer Accounts. We’ve built integrations to the most popular and needed systems such as NetSuite, QuickBooks Online and Salesforce. Most importantly, Zoey is regularly updated and augmented, over 150 updates each and every year.

The Zoey team is familiar with migrating customers from Handshake. Recent migrations include Milkhouse Candle Co., which has seen sales increase 73%, including an increase in self-service orders by 37%, and order taking time get cut by 43%, a huge time savings. 

We know each business has specific requirements, so we kick off each conversation with a discovery call to learn about you, and help you understand what we have to offer. We also work through Zoey’s core capabilities to find out what features your business could benefit the most from leveraging, even if you don’t have it today.

If you’re ready to explore Handshake alternatives, discover why we’re the best B2B Ecommerce platform by chatting with our team! To request your own Discovery call, click the button below and share your contact information:

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